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The following email was sent to all team administrators' login email addresses on 10/21/22. If you did not receive this email, please contact support and we will ensure that you are on the list.


HSEL Outage 10/20



We again want to thank all coaches and students who attempted to queue for Rocket League and/or Rainbow 6 during the 5:00 pm ET queue window yesterday. We apologize for our temporary service outage. We understand this is creating a poor experience for your students and is simply unacceptable. We’re writing to you today to share the next steps moving forward as well as provide some insight surrounding our recent outages.

First, all three affected Rocket League divisions (East, Central, and South) will be permitted to utilize two queue windows on Thursday, November 3rd. Additionally, per coach feedback, we will be adding an additional queue window to all three divisions for the day to assist with this process. Furthermore, we will unlock an additional queue time on the originally scheduled makeup days.



Additional Queue on November 3rd

Additional Queue on Makeup Days (11/12 and 11/18)


6:00pm CT (7pm ET)

5:00pm CT (6pm ET)


6:00pm ET (5pm CT)

5:00pm ET (4pm CT)


6:00pm CT (7pm ET)

5:00pm CT (6pm ET)


Next, students playing Rainbow 6: Siege may also utilize two queue windows on the same Thursday (November 3rd). The regularly scheduled queues are at 5, 7, and 9pm ET. We are also adding an additional queue on the two makeup days (11/12 and 11/18) at 7pm Eastern.


Finally, we are reducing the minimum completed match requirement for playoff eligibility down to five for this season only, instead of the usual six.


If your students participate in the Youth Winner’s Circle, please look for a separate email regarding the makeup options.


So, what’s been going on? HSEL has grown a ton over the last ten years, as has our staff and tech team. Over the summer, we tore down a number of elements of our platform and our database and rebuilt them to bring them up to modern standards and give players and coaches a better experience. Our first outage on September 28th was due to an Amazon Web Services outage, but September 29th’s was due to load. We simply were not prepared for how our new features (like divisions) combined with player growth would affect our stability.


Yesterday, something different happened. Our tech team pushed out a critical update around 4:45 ET to improve students’ experience in our Fortnite events. Unfortunately, protocol was breached, and an update intended to take place overnight was also pushed out – one which migrated our entire database, creating the downtime.


Moving forward, as a result of the second outage, our tech team installed a better system of alarm bells to monitor system load to our platform. After last night’s outage, the protocol for releasing updates is being revisited all the way from the top to the bottom of the technical teams. 


We strive to provide students with fun experiences where they can connect with each other and their school. Most of our team members would have been in your clubs and on your teams as kids had they existed when we were in school, so missteps like this energize and motivate us to do better.


Thank you for everything you do for your students!


-High School Esports League

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