YWC Newsletter 10/21/22

The following email was sent to all team administrators' login email addresses on 10/21/22. If you did not receive this email, please contact support and we will ensure that you are on the list.




We again want to thank all coaches and players who attempted to queue for Overwatch 2 during the 5:00pm ET queue window yesterday. We apologize for our temporary service outage. We understand this creates a poor experience and is simply unacceptable. We’re writing to you today to share next steps moving forward.


To remedy this situation, we are expanding the last Thursday of the regular season (November 17th) to accommodate for makeup matches. We are adding new queue times at 6pm and 8pm Eastern Time. Next, we will unlock the ability for teams to queue for up to two matches this day. We hope this will allow your team the flexibility to play the sixth and final match on this day.


We strive to provide kids with fun experiences where they can connect with each other. Most of our team members were the kids that would have participated in these events had they existed when we were young, so missteps like this energize and motivate us to do better.


Thank you for your patience and understanding,


-Generation Esports