Eternity Registration Guide

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Team Game Registration  

This process is for Team Admins/Captains to register a roster for any team-based tournament.

  • Click "Register Now" on the tournament page. 
  • Select an existing team or create a new team. 
  • Choose an existing roster or create a new roster. 
    • An empty roster can be created and selected during this process. Players can be added at a later time in order to complete tournament registration. 
  • You will receive either a "Registration Success" or "Registration Pending" status. 
    • "Success" = you have completed all prerequisites and are considered a participant in the tournament. 
    • "Pending" = not all prerequisites have been fulfilled. You will receive an email and platform notification detailing the steps needing to be taken in order to complete registration.

Team Management 101

How to Add Members to Your Team

  • Expand "Teams" in the left-hand sidebar. Select your team.
  • Click “Members” on your team page.
  • Click “+ Add Member” and generate a link for team invitations.
  • Members will be automatically added once they sign up through the link.
    • New members will be prompted to set at least one game connection from a set of game icons. 
    • Select the proper game and enter the proper "in-game name" (Screen Name). 

How to Add Game Connections (Post Sign-up)

"Game Connection" is a catch-all term for "screen name", "gamertag", "in-game name", etc. Users must provide a game connection for each game they wish to play. 

  • Click “Game Connection” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Click “Add Game Connection”, select the game, enter your screen name for that game, and save.
  • If applicable, include the numbers in the game connection as well (e.g. Battlenet, Riot, or Nintendo Switch Friend Code).

How to Create & Add Members to a Roster 

Rosters are the specific groups of team members that will play games. Users on a Team must be placed on a roster to compete in a team-based game.

  • Click “Rosters” on your team page.
  • Click “Create New”, name your roster, and select what game it is for.
  • Click “Add Members” and select what team members you want on the roster.
    • If you are unable to add members, please ensure each member has set their game connection.