YWC Action/Consequence Tier List

This list is provided as a guideline for players and coaches and should not be considered all inclusive or rigid. The Tournament Coordinators reserve the right to award consequences as they see fit, per rule 1.2.1

Tier 1 (Minor Infractions)

  • Minor and inconsequential spectating violations
  • Incorrect match settings
  • Inoffensive, yet excessive trash talk
  • Intentionally delaying the game or match
  • Incorrect game connections (not malicious)

Tier 2 (Moderate Infractions)

  • Intentional match disruption
  • Intentionally misreporting scores or rule violations
  • Incorrect game connections (malicious)
  • Harassment, inappropriate language, verbal abuse

Tier 3 (Significant Infractions)

  • Deception (admin impersonation) or coercion
  • Significant spectating violations
  • Any form of cheating, including, but not limited to: hacking, intentional use of in game bugs or glitches, teaming in a free-for-all game, match fixing

Tier 4 (Major Infractions)

  • Cheating (second offense)
  • Racism, sexism, hate speech
  • Sexual harassment
  • Threatening speech, text, or actions
  • “Doxxing” (revealing someone’s private personally identifying information)

Repeated infractions will result in increased consequences.