HSEL Intramurals Spring 24 Overview

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This article explains the key dates, times, game information, and more for HSEL Intramurals Spring 2024. Please ensure that all team members are aware of the HSEL GENERAL TOURNAMENT RULES before registration. Please see the HSEL Registration Guide for more details on signing up. 


Intramurals 101

Focused on casual play and student development, HSEL Intramurals provides a low-stakes competitive experience. Featuring the most popular games with flexible queue times, HSEL Intramurals are the perfect entry point for new and casual players. Unlike the higher-stakes Major and Premier tiers, these are not tournaments; there are no playoffs, there is no winner, and there are no prizes. 


Key Dates

Item Date
Registration 12/4/23 - 5/6/24
Intramural Play 2/19/24 - 5/10/24


Game Information

Games in bold are completely free to compete and do not require the purchase of a battle pass. 

Game   Team Size Platform(s)  Match Length
Rocket League  2v2  Cross-platform  Best of 5
Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate
1v1 Switch Best of 5
VALORANT 5v5 PC Best of 1


Queue Times

HSEL Intramurals matchups are created using an internal matchmaking queue system. Review our Queue System 101 guide HEREParticipants are not limited to one match per week and can utilize all available queue windows for their respective game!

Click here to see the event page and queue times under "Full Schedule"