Apex Legends TDM Rules

  • Updated

The rules contained on this page only cover this specific game, please review the HSEL General Competition Rules for information covering all official tournaments. 

Patch Notes 4/4/2024: Updated map pool and map selection language. 


1. Match Procedure

1.1 Supported Platforms

  • PC
  • XB1
  • XBS X/S
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch

This game supports crossplay. All teams competing in this tournament will face each other, regardless of what console they play on.

1.2. Series Lengths

  • Best of 3 All Stages

1.3. Game Lobby

The home team will create the lobby, with settings configured as follows: 

  • Mode: Team Deathmatch
  • Map: (see "1.5 Map Selection")
  • Game Options:
    • Chat: Allow All 
    • Self-Assign Teams: On
    • Aim Assist Override: On
    • Anonymous Mode: Off
    • Game Mode Variant: Standard

1.4. Map Pool

The Apex Legends TDM map pool consistently rotates maps (and the total number of available maps) in and out of active duty. Please refer to the in-game client for more information regarding which maps are available for official matches. 


1.5. Map Selection

Teams will take turns banning maps from the map pool available in-game.  In the playoffs, the "Home Team" is the higher seed. 

BEST OF 3 Series

  • Home team bans a map
  • Away team bans a map
  • Home team picks Map 1 
  • Away team picks Map 2 
  • Home team picks Map 3 from the pool of remaining maps

The following data centers are permitted for use in official matches:

  • Dallas
  • Iowa - GCE 1
  • Iowa - GCE 3
  • Iowa - GCE 4
  • New York 
  • Oregon 1
  • Oregon 2
  • Oregon - GCE 1
  • Oregon - GCE 2
  • Salt Lake City
  • South Carolina - GCE 1
  • South Carolina - GCE 2
  • South Carolina - GCE 3
  • St. Louis
  • Virginia 1
  • Virginia 2

1.6.1. Ping Test

If both teams cannot agree on a server, a ping test will be used to determine which server will provide the most balanced ping.

  • Both teams will select their specific servers.
    • Starting with the Home team’s choice, a test game will be launched so that teams may grab screenshots of their ping once round 1 has started.
    • The same step will then be repeated with the away team’s server of choice.
  • After both servers have been tested, the teams will compare the ping results and the server that provides the more balanced ping difference will be the server used for the match series.
  • If any issues or disagreements arise, the home team must contact an HSEL Administrator.
    • Refusal to abide by the ping test rule can result in disciplinary action being issued by HSEL Administrators.

2. Tournament Rules 

2.1. Match Streaming

Schools wishing to use the spectator slot must receive explicit approval from HSEL, becoming a "Verified Broadcaster". Click here to apply for approval to be a "Verified Broadcaster".

If approved, all applicable personnel will receive the "Verified Broadcaster" trophy to feature on their Generation Esports profile. The following steps must be taken prior to the first stream by any verified broadcaster: 

  • The Organization admin/captain must add the verified broadcaster(s) to any VALORANT game roster that will have a match streamed by the verified broadcaster(s). 
  • Verified broadcasters must feature their trophy on their GenE profile page. This will ensure that it appears on a match page, for the opposing team's visibility. 
    • To feature a trophy, click your username in the top right --> "Profile" --> "Edit Profile" --> click on the "Verified Broadcaster" trophy and hit "Save". 

Verified Broadcasters are permitted in the spectator slot for the sole purpose of streaming their team’s match to the School’s Twitch or Youtube channel or to record the match. Personnel in the spectator slot may not have any communication with team members while the game is currently being played and must not be a competitor in the match.

All spectator streams must be from their team's player point of view or a 3rd person chase cam. The use of the skybox camera, director camera, or the point of view of another team’s player is prohibited. At the end of the match, the stream vod or an unedited copy of the recording must be shared with the other team in the match chat on the match page. 

If any spectator rules are broken, HSEL admins will remove all permissions for streaming. Further infractions will result in removal from the tournament entirely. 


2.2. Disabled Legends and Items

Legends, Weapons, Weapon Skins, and Charms that are currently disabled in the Normal or Ranked gameplay modes, are prohibited from use in official matches.

2.3. New and Reworked Legends

The use of new or reworked Legends released during the season will be prohibited from use in official matches for 2 weeks (14 days). A reworked Legend is defined as an Operator having 50% or more of their kit change that directly impacts gameplay or the operator's kit/loadout.

  • As of 10/31, Conduit will be prohibited for 14 days. She may return to play on 11/14. 

2.4. Ties

If a game ends in a tie, both teams will back out to the private game lobby and restart the game on the same map that had the tie. Rather than playing a full game, the first team to 10 eliminations will win the game. 


3. Stoppage of Play

3.1 Server Disconnects

Intentionally disconnecting during the match is strictly prohibited. A player who disconnects for any reason more than 2 times may face a penalty at an HSEL administrator's discretion. If a player drops from the server during a match, the round will continue uninterrupted until the end of the map. After the map has been completed, the player who disconnected will be allowed to rejoin the server. 

At least 2 players need to remain and the map needs to be played until the map ends and a winner is decided. If this is not possible due to connection issues, it will be considered a forfeit in favor of the team who is able to have the required number of players in the server. If a team leaves the server during a map without informing their opponent, the team risks forfeiting the match.

3.2 Server Re-hosts

Each team can have the server re-hosted once per match, so long as the first round in a game has not been completed and first blood has not yet occurred in map 1. In the event that a match is rehosted, each player must select the same settings/legends as they picked at the start of the original game. If problems persist with regards to a player disconnecting after the server has already been re-hosted, the team must play the remainder of the match with the remaining 2 players.

For issues concerning player disconnections, please contact an HSEL Administrator


5. Organization Rosters

Apec Legends rosters require a minimum of 3 players and are limited to a maximum of 6 players (3 starting players and 3 substitute players). Rosters that do not meet the minimum or exceed the maximum number of players will not be allowed to participate in official matches until their roster size meets the set requirements. Player substitutions may be made between maps.