Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Custom Match

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Nintendo Customer Support: How to Start a Local or Online Multiplayer Game (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)



  • Select the following options as they appear on the screen: "Online Play"
    • Confirm "1p" if each player is using their own system
    • Confirm "2p" if two players will be competing from the same system 
  • Select the "Friends" option --> "Create Room", then "Yes"
    • Lobby host: once the room is created, click the "+/-" button to view the room code. Share this in the Generation Esports match chat so all other players can join the private room. 
  • Choose and confirm the Racer/Kart frame, glider, and wheels
    • Click "A" to confirm 
  • The game lobby settings should read as follows: 
    • 150cc Race
    • Team Game
    • Normal Items
    • No COM
    • All Vehicles
    • 4 Races
  • Lobby Host assigns players to blue or red team 
    • Home = Red
    • Away = Blue
  • All players select "OK" when in the lobby and ready to begin
  • All players select "Random" from the track list 
    • If a player does not select "Randon" and that chosen track is selected, all players must head back to the lobby and restart the course selection process. 
  • Once a race is completed, all players return to the game lobby and select "Random" again to decide the next course.
    • Repeat this step until all races are recorded