HSEL Spring Premier 24 Overview

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This article explains the key dates, times, game information, and more for HSEL Spring 24 Premier. Please ensure that all team members are aware of the HSEL GENERAL TOURNAMENT RULES before registration. Please see the HSEL Registration Guide for more details on signing up. 

Key Dates

Stage Date
Registration 12/4 - 2/26
Qualifiers 2/19 - 3/1
Regular Season 3/11 - 4/12*
Playoffs  4/16 - 5/10
Wild Card 5/13 - 5/24

*Pacific division Rocket League will have an additional week of the regular season before playoffs, which will start the week of 4/22.


Game Information 

Rocket League is completely free to compete and does not require the purchase of a battle pass. 

Game  Team Size Platform(s)  Match Length  Playoff Size
Brawlhalla 1v1 Cross-platform 

Bo5 Qual/Season

Bo7 Playoffs


Rocket League 3v3 Cross-platform 

Bo5 Qual/Season

Bo7 Playoffs


Bo1 Qualifiers 

Bo3 Season/Playoffs



Tournament Format

Stage Description  Length
Qualifiers 6 available queue rounds; participants may use up to 5.  Losses will be added for unplayed matches. Must play at least 3 matches to be considered for qualification.  2 weeks
Regular Season

Round Robin

(Pacific RL) Double Round Robin

See Key Dates

Playoffs Double elimination

See Key Dates

Wild Card (LCQ) 

Single elimination bracket. Winner claims a spot in Nationals. Must opt-in to play.

Eligible teams: Premier participants who have not yet qualified for Nationals & Major Champ bracket regional winners.

5 rounds max. (depending on opt-ins)



See the "Full Schedule" on the Premier event page for the qualifier schedule

Regular Season

  • Round Robin matches can be rescheduled to any point during the regular season up until the start of the final week if agreed upon by both teams in the match chat and requested via a support ticket.
  • Upon receiving a 2nd FF no-show loss, a Premier participant will be ineligible for that season's Playoffs and Wild Card. 
Game Day Default Match Times
Brawlhalla Tuesday

Atlantic - 4:30 pm Central

Pacific - 4:30 pm Pacific
VALORANT  Wednesday

Atlantic - 4:30 pm Central

Pacific - 4:30 pm Pacific
Rocket League Thursday 

Atlantic - 4:30 pm Central

Pacific - 4:30 pm Pacific


Premier Playoffs

  • A roster must:
    • End the season at a high enough leaderboard placement (see tiebreakers below). 
    • Play all matches in the regular season, unless otherwise approved by HSEL admins. 
  • The tiebreaker system will be run as a tiered protocol that will be used if multiple teams finish the regular season with the same overall record, pursuant to rule

Playoff Schedule

ATLANTIC DIVISION (All Games) - 4:30 PM Central Match Time

  • The top 4 from each group qualify for a double-elimination bracket.
  • (Brawlhalla & Rocket League) A bracket reset will occur if the winner of the Lower Finals wins the first Best of 7 match against the winner from the Upper Finals.
Mon 4/15 Tue 4/16 Wed 4/17 Thu 4/18
  BRAWL Round 1 VAL Round 1

BRAWL Upper R1

BRAWL Lower R1


RL Round 1

Mon 4/22 Tue 4/23 Wed 4/24 Thu 4/25

VAL Upper R1

VAL Lower R1

BRAWL Upper Semis

BRAWL Lower R2


RL Upper R1

RL Lower R1

VAL Upper Semis

VAL Lower R2

BRAWL Upper Finals

BRAWL Lower R3


RL Upper Semis

RL Lower R2

Mon 4/29 Tue 4/30 Wed 5/1 Thu 5/2

VAL Upper Finals

VAL Lower R3

BRAWL Lower Semis


RL Upper Finals 

RL Lower R3

VAL Lower Semis

BRAWL Lower Finals


RL Lower Semis

Mon 5/6 Tue 5/7 Wed 5/8 Thu 5/9

VAL Lower Finals

BRAWL Grand Finals


RL Lower Finals

VAL Grand Finals

RL Grand Finals



  • Qualification criteria:
    • Brawlhalla - top 4 per group
    • Rocket League - top 2 per group 
  • A bracket reset will occur if the winner of the Lower Finals wins the first Best of 7 match against the winner from the Upper Finals.
Tue 4/16 Thu 4/18
Brawlhalla Round 1

Brawlhalla Upper Semis

Brawlhalla Lower Round 1

Tue 4/23 Thu 4/25

Brawlhalla Upper Finals 

Brawlhalla Lower Round 2


Rocket League Round 1

Brawlhalla Lower Semis


Rocket League Upper Finals 

Rocket League Lower Semis

Tue 4/30

Thu 5/2

Brawlhalla Lower Finals 


Rocket League Lower Finals

Brawlhalla Grand Finals


Rocket League Grand Finals


PACIFIC VALORANT - 4:30 PM Pacific Match Time

The top 4 teams qualify for a double-elimination bracket 

Wed 4/17 Wed 4/24 Mon 4/29 Wed 5/1
Round 1

Upper Finals

Lower Semis

Lower Finals Grand Finals


Wild Card 

An alternative way to qualify for HSEL Nationals is by winning one of the HSEL Nationals Wild Card brackets. All HSEL Premier participants (who have yet to qualify for Nationals) will be invited to the seasonal Wild Card, along with Major tournament regional champions. Team Admins must accept the invitation and opt-in for their roster to be seeded into the Wild Card. Participation in the Wild Card assumes a participant's ability to attend HSEL Nationals 2024 live in Kansas City.

The Spring Wild Card tournament will take place in May after the conclusion of the spring season playoffs. More details will be announced by May 1st.

Path to HSEL Nationals 


  • (Premier) Top 4 per Conference 
  • (Wild Card) Top 4 semifinalists 

Rocket League & VALORANT

  • (Premier) Atlantic - Top 2 
  • (Premier) Pacific - 1st place 
  • (Wild Card) - 1st place