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How to Join a Fortnite Match

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Connecting to the Match Lobby

1. Connect to the Correct Server


In order to participate in the match, players will need to make sure they're on the correct region. By going to your settings menu and clicking on the cog icon on the top of the screen, players will be able to choose which region they wish to connect to. The specific region for a match will be shared in the queue lobby along with the password.

2. Entering Your Password and Joining the Lobby

From the main menu, select Change on the right side of the screen. The change button can always be found right above the play button.


From the mode selection screen, choose the game mode that matches the hosted game. Normally games will be run in Arena Solo mode unless otherwise stated. After you have selected the Arena Solo option select "Custom Options" from the lower right hand corner of your screen. After pressing the Custom Options button a popup will appear on your screen asking you to enter a password, this is where you will enter the password provided to you earlier in the discord message. Passwords are case sensitive so you will need to enter them exactly as how they were provided.

After entering the password, press the Accept button and you'll be taken back to the main menu screen. If all information has been input correctly, pressing Play will place you into a custom matchmaking queue.


Now all you need to do is kick back and wait for the game leader to start the match. Best of luck in your games!

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