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How to Join a Fortnite Match

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Connecting to the Match Lobby

1. Connect to the Correct Server

In order to be able to join the custom lobby, players must have their region set to US-East. You can find the option to change your region by going to the settings menu and clicking on the cog wheel tab.

2. Setting the Correct Game Mode

Players will need to have their game mode set to either Solo Battle Royale or Solo No Build, depending on the week of the tournament. For specific game mode information for each week please view the tournament structure information, here. No other game modes will be used in official tournaments.

3. Entering Your Password and Joining the Lobby

Once you are taken to a match page, the first game's lobby code will be found near the top of the page marked Lobby Code. Once you have the lobby code follow these steps to join the lobby queue.
  • Select the Change Option from the main screen
  • Make sure that Join as Player is selected at the bottom of the screen and then press the custom key button.
  • Enter the Custom Lobby Key provided on the Match Page, press accept and go back to the main screen.
  • Press Start on the main screen and wait for the lobby admin to launch the match.
  • After Game 1 has completed, the Game 2 code will be shared in the match chat on your match page. Enter the Game 2 lobby code by following the previous instructions.