NJCAAE Game Day Protocol

  • Updated


  • The NJCAAE season will be in round-robin format, meaning all matches will be viewable once groups have been decided. 
    • Check your match information from your match page on your dashboard in order to be informed on who your team will be facing.
  • While pre-match contact is not required, it’s good practice to check your match chat on your match page (or your Discord or email if you're a coach) to see if your opponent has attempted to communicate with you. 
    • If you need to request a match reschedule please use the match chat, or contact your opponent’s coach via the Discord contact or email address shown on your match page ASAP. 
      • Match reschedules should be agreed upon before the default game day and time.
  • If you run into problems with your match page or your opponent, please contact the support live chat on the Generation Esports platform. 

Game Day

  • Each game has a default day and start time. Unless otherwise rescheduled both players/teams will need to be ready to play. 
  • Use the match chat on your match page to exchange lobby codes, map bans, and any other information important to your match. Refusal to communicate/share this information with your opponent will result in a forfeit being issued against your team. 
    • If your opponent is not ready to play and the match has not started by 15 min after the default start time, you may claim a forfeit victory. 

Reporting Scores

  • After the match is complete, the winning team must report the final scores.
  • Some games will require only the overall series score, while other games will require reporting the score of each round. 
    • Example: 
      • NBA 2K, Best of 3: 2-0
      • Valorant, Best of 3: 2-0
        • Game 1: 13-11
        • Game 2: 13-12

 Match Disputes

  • If at any time you feel your opponent may have violated the rules or your match score may have been incorrectly reported, you may submit a match dispute.
  • Alternatively, you can use the chat bubble on the bottom right to contact our support live chat. 
    • Please make sure to provide evidence to back up your claim. Normally we will ask for screenshots, recordings or game demos to help us in our investigations.