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Section 1 - Definitions 

  • 1.1 Base Player - Any student participant who is considered one of the three primary members of a single team. 
  • 1.2 Substitute Player - Any of the five (5) student participants who are listed on the official roster in the substitute pool. 
  • 1.3 Substitute Pool - A list of up to, but no more than, five (5) student participants whose purpose is to be an emergency backup in the situation where a base player cannot play in a scheduled league match. 
  • 1.4 Captain - Base player on a team who is designated as the one responsible for correctly reporting match results in the appropriate manner and location. 
  • 1.5 League Match - Any official match during the regular season whose results will impact the final standings in the league's regular season, or any postseason tournament match. 
  • 1.6 Regular Season - A defined 10-week period where a predetermined schedule of games will be played and season records kept; the offical first day of the regular season will be  determined by the tournament committee and communicated to all coaches. 
  • 1.7 Postseason - Tournament-style matchplay which will determine the ultimate league champion. 1.8 Coach - an adult staff member that oversees the esports program at a member school. 1.9 Game - A single 5-minute period of play 
  • 1.10 Match - The total result of any set of games; determines overall winner of a contest. 1.11 Junior Varsity - A player who has not participated as a base player for a team within the prior two weeks of competition. 


Section 2 - Rosters 

2.1 Each school will have a roster that consists of the following: 

  • Up to, but no more than, two (2) Rocket League teams, each of which consists of exactly three (3) base players; these two teams will bear the "varsity" designation. - A substitute pool consisting of up to, but no more than, five (5) substitute players.

2.2 Eligibility 

  • 2.2.1 Student participants must be enrolled as a student in the school they represent. 2.2.2 Student participants must meet or exceed the academic and attendance requirements of the school they represent. 
  • 2.2.3 Student participants must be at least 13 years of age on the date of the first day of the regular season for all spring esports. 
  • 2.2.4 If a student participant has completed their graduation requirements, but has not yet officially received a diploma, they will be considered eligible. 
  • 2.2.5 If a student participant has received a diploma certifying they are a graduate, they are no longer eligible to compete in esports. 

2.3 Modifying Rosters 

  • 2.3.1 Rosters may not be modified on the same day as a league match 
    • 2.3.1a The only change that can be made on the day of a league match is to replace a base player with a player from the substitute pool. 
    • 2.3.1b Base players cannot substitute for one another. Only a substitute pool player is allowed to replace a base player on the day of a game.
  • 2.3.2 Rosters may be adjusted on any day of the week where no league matches will occur. 2.3.3 In the spirit of fair play, the base players representing each team should honestly  reflect the best, most deserving overall players on your roster. 
    • 2.3.3a Stacking rosters, which is the act of dishonestly moving better players to lesser teams, with the intent of giving both school-sponsored teams a higher likelihood of victory, is strictly prohibited. 


Section 3 - Regular Season Match Play 

3.1 Match Format 

  • 3.1.1 Regular season match play will be 3v3 matches; each match will be a "best of 3" setting, where the winner of the match wins two out of three games. 
  • 3.1.2 Specific match settings will follow the rules laid out in the "Rocket League Coach Guide" that will be distributed to all coaches prior to the start of the season. 
    • 3.1.2a Deviation from these match settings could result in punishment if it is deemed, by the tournament committee, to provide one team an unfair advantage in their match. 

3.2 Season Format 

  • 3.2.1 The regular season will consist of ten (10) weeks, where one night per week is  designated for all Rocket League matches. 
  • 3.2.2 On the designated night for Rocket League matches, each team will play a minimum of one (1) league match, up to a maximum of three (3) matches. The exact number of matches per week will ultimately be determined by the number of teams registered to play in the league. This means that the most possible regular season matches a team could play will be thirty (30). 
  • 3.2.3 The goal of the regular season is to create a schedule that is as fair and balanced as possible, while simultaneously trying to maximize the number of total games played by each team.  
  • 3.2.4 The tournament committee will be tasked, on a yearly basis, with the process of creating a league schedule that attempts to follow rule 3.2.3 upon the final registration of all teams. 

3.3 Reporting & Recording Results 

  • 3.3.1 Coaches and captains will be responsible for reporting the results of all league  matches within 6 hours of their completion. It is the responsibility of all teams to 
  • report match results. This will result in double-reporting of results to ensure accuracy. 3.3.2 It is the responsibility of each team's coach and captain to provide proof of match results in the form of a photo, screenshot, or livestream video. 
  • 3.3.3 A designated member of the tournament committee will be responsible for taking match results and adding them to the cumulative league standings, making sure all results are published and viewable within 24 hours of match completion. 
  • 3.3.3a Any discrepancies in reporting of results will be immediately addressed by the designated tournament committee member. Proof of results (see rule 3.3.2) will be requested to verify results. 

3.4 Match Disputes 

  • 3.4.1 Any team wishing to file a dispute or complaint regarding the actions of another team should immediately contact the league director, Brad Christopherson, to officially declare the nature of the complaint/dispute. 
  • 3.4.2 It is at the sole discretion of the league director to determine what, if any, measure should be taken to remedy the dispute or complaint. The league director may consult the tournament committee for advice if wanted/needed. 


Section 4 - Postseason Tournament Play 

4.1 Qualifying for postseason play 

  • 4.1.1 At the conclusion of the regular season, the top 16 teams in the league will qualify to compete in the postseason tournament. 
    • 4.1.1a In the event that the league is separated into divisions, the tournament committee will be responsible for communicating the official method of selected postseason qualifiers PRIOR TO the start of the regular season. 
  • 4.1.2 The regular season standings will be used to seed the 16-team postseason tournament.  
    • 4.1.2a In the event that there are less than 16 teams in the league, all teams will qualify for the postseason, regardless of record. The tournament will still be run as a 16-team tournament, with an appropriate number of byes in the first round for the highest seeded teams. 
  • 4.1.3 The following tiebreakers will be used to seed teams in the event that two teams finish the season with identical records: 
    • 1) Head-to-head record 
    • 2) Games lost (team who lost the most games all season loses tiebreaker) 
    • 3) Most recent loss (team who has lost most recently loses tiebreaker) -step 3 will continue until the final outcome of tiebreaker is settled 

4.2 Tournament Play 

  • 4.2.1 Tournament matches will be a "Best-of-5" format, with the winner being the first to win 3 games. 
  • 4.2.2 The tournament committee will be responsible for setting up the schedule for postseason play and disseminating that information PRIOR TO the start of the regular season. 
  • 4.2.3 The tournament will be a single-elimination format, with one additional match to determine 3rd place (the losers of the two semifinal matches will play in a consolation championship). 
  • 4.2.4 The winner of the tournament will be declared 2021 Rocket League Champions. 

4.3 Match Disputes 

  • 4.3.1 All match disputes will follow the same procedures outlined in 3.4. 


Section 5 - Forfeits 

5.1 If a team is unable to play their scheduled league match for any reason, they will forfeit the match and the overall records will be reflected as follows: 

  • In a Best-of-3 regular season match, the victor will be awarded a 2-0 victory In the postseason, the match will simply be recorded as a forfeit win for the victor 

5.2 Time limits for players 

  • 5.2.1 In the event that a team's full complement of base players does not arrive for their  regularly scheduled match, the following rules will be enforced: 
  • 5.2.1a The match cannot be postponed for more than 10 minutes. If a team is not prepared to play after a 10-minute delay, they must forfeit. 
  • 5.2.1b It is acceptable for a team to utilize a substitute player for their match, but they may not pull a base player from another team to use as a substitute.


Section 6 - Junior Varsity Competition 

  • 6.1 As a league, we will host monthly tournaments for players designated as "Junior Varsity", and these tournaments will be announced by the tournament committee at least one week in advance.

6.2 Eligibility 

  • 6.2.1 The purpose of these tournaments is to give playing experience to kids who are not getting to play in the regular season matches. Therefore, a player is only eligible if they have not participated in a league match within the two week period prior to a tournament. 
  • 6.2.2 As these tournaments are unofficial and geared toward experience, the tournament  committee reserves the right to set the format of the tournament in whatever manner it sees fit from month to month. 


Section 7 - Supervision and Streaming 

7.1 Supervision 

  • 7.1.1 When possible, it is encouraged for coaches to spectate Rocket League matches. Not all coaches are able to do so, therefore this is not a mandatory requirement at this time. The hope is that at least one of the two coaches of the competing teams will be available to  supervise each match in spectator mode. 

7.2 Streaming 

  • 7.2.1 Every school is allowed to stream their league matches on their own platforms as they wish.

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