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This article explains all relevant registration processes in order to start competing in the HSEL ANZ 2021 Term 2. 


Australia & New Zealand Term 2 2021



Below, you will find the key dates for the Australia/New Zealand Esports Tournament.

  • Onboarding Webinar: Wednesday, April 19th @ 8am Australia Time
  • Registration: 3/29/2021- 4/25/2021
  • Tournament: 4/26/2021- 6/18/2021
  • Playoffs: 6/21/2021 - 6/25/2021


Australia/New Zealand Community Members


Peyton Horton
Customer Success Associate 

Hugo Diegues 
Tournament Manager

Support Team
Technical Questions/Issues



1. Sign Up

  • Any school interested in competing in the Australia & New Zealand Tournament must first sign up on the Generations Esports website. 

Note: Please use school email when applying.


2. Apply to the Australia & New Zealand Community and Create Team

  • In order to register for the tournament, you must join the Australia and New Zealand community as a team. 
  • To do this, select “Communities” on the left-hand navigation and scroll through to Australia and New Zealand Community
  • Click “Learn More” to be taken to the main community page, and select “Join” in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • From the “select an option” dropdown, select “+ Create Team” and press continue to be able to be taken to the community terms where you can accept them and press continue.
  • From here you can name your team and press “Continue” which will put through an application for your team for the Australia and New Zealand Community.

Note: Please use the school name as a team name.


3. Adding Members

  • When on your team page, click the “Members” tab at the top. Your members page will show you all your members, their game connections, and their assigned passes. By pressing the three dots to the right of their name, you can make them captains, add them to rosters, suspend, and delete them as well.
  • When you are ready to invite students to your team click the “+ Add Member” button. You have two different invitation options. You can send them a direct email or you can generate and distribute an invitation link. If you want to send more than one email invite at a time, click the big plus sign to generate another email slot.


3.1 Adding Advisors

  • If your team has more than one advisor, you can invite them by clicking the “+ Add Member” option on your members page.
  • Once they appear in your members list, you can then click the three dots to the right of their name and press on “Make Captain”. Team captains have the same administrative abilities as the school advisor. 

Note: Please have any additional advisor sign up as a student and not as a school official. If they sign up as a school official, it will generate an additional school application for your team. Only one school application is needed per school.


4. Connect Games (Students Only)

  • Players will need to connect their screen name/gamertag to their profile in order to be added to a roster.
  • Select “Connect Games” on the left-hand navigation and choose “Add Game Connection”.
  • From the game connection popup window, select the game you wish to add from the dropdown menu and enter the screen name/gamertag you use for that game (please include the numbers included in your Battlenet tag and Switch Friend Code). 
  • Please add a game connection for every game you will be participating in.You can view your game connections list on the “Connect Games” page.

Note: Please include the numbers included in the Battlenet tag and Switch Friend Code if applicable.


5. Create a roster

  • On the left-hand navigation, select “Teams” and then select your team.
  • Click on the “Rosters” tab at the top to access your rosters page where you can create, edit, and view your rosters list.
  • Click on the “Create New'' button to create a new roster. You can name your roster, select what game the roster is for from the dropdown, and then click on the “Add Members” button to add members to the roster.

Note: Keep in mind that only members with the correct game connections will appear. If you cannot add a member to a roster, it is because that member does not have their game connection set for that game. 


6. Purchasing Passes

  • From the left-hand navigation menu, select “Purchase Passes”.
  • Once you have located the pass you want to purchase, click “Purchase” on that pass.
  • From this page you can select how many passes you want to purchase, as well as who you want to purchase them for (your account or a specific team).


6.1 Purchasing Passes (Your Account)

  • If purchasing passes for yourself or if you are wanting to purchase a pass as a gift for someone else then select “Your Name (Your Account)” from the dropdown menu.
  • From here you can select “This Pass Is For Me” or “This Pass Is A Gift”.
  • If you select “This Pass Is For Me” then it will immediately ask for your payment method you wish to charge the pass to. This pass will auto assign to you once purchased.
  • If you select “This Pass Is A Gift” then it will ask you to input the email of the person you are gifting the pass to and then it will ask for your payment method you wish to charge the pass to.

Note: You cannot revoke a pass that has been gifted to another individual. 


6.2 Purchasing Passes (Your Team)

  • If purchasing passes for your team, select the team you are purchasing passes for from the dropdown menu and press continue.
  • From this next page, you can select what players you want to purchase a pass for and press continue. Any extra passes you have will be added to your “Battle Pass Inventory” on your teams information page.
  • Now you can select what payment method.

Note: If you wish to purchase passes via invoice, please email success@highschoolesportsleague.com and provide them with what type of pass and how many you wish to purchase.


7. Assign Battle Passes

  • Click on your team name from the Teams tab on the left-hand navigation menu and then click on Battle Pass Inventory.
  • To assign your players battle passes, click the “Assign” button next to their name. You can also revoke an assigned pass by clicking “Revoke”.

Note: All players on a roster must have a Battle Pass assigned to them in order to be registered for a tournament.


8. Register your roster for a tournament

  • From your left-hand navigation, select "Communities", then under my communities select “Learn More” on the Australia and New Zealand Community to be taken to the community’s main page.
  • Click on “Tournaments” to find a game’s tournament page you are looking for. On the tournament page, it will show a Competition Overview for that game. 
  • Once you’re on the specific tournament page, click the “Register Now” button and choose your roster from the dropdown menu and select “Register Now”. Congratulations! Your roster is tournament ready!

Note: If you have not made a roster, you will not be able to register for a tournament.



All games will be played at 4:30 pm ACDT







Mario Kart


Rocket League



Game details such as team size, platform, and match length can be found below.


Team Size


Match Length




Bo1 Regular season

Bo3 Playoffs/Finals




Bo1 Regular

Bo3 Playoffs/Finals





2 games per night

Rocket League




Bo3 Regular Season

Bo5 Playoffs/Finals

Mario Kart


Nintendo Switch

Bo3 Regular Season

Bo5 Playoffs/Finals


1. Queuing For Your Match

  • Queues for match times will open in the “Today’s Play Times” section of the dashboard at the set queue time listed.
  • Once the queue time arrives, you can then press “Join Queue” to be thrown into the 15 minute skill based matchmaking window.



2.Team Queuing

  • Teams will first need to “Join Party” before their “Join Queue” option will appear. Teams can “Join Party” up to 15 minutes before the queue time. 
  • Once all team members are in the party and the queue time arrives, the party captain (designated with a joystick next to their name) will be able to select the "Join Queue" button at the top right. 
  • Queues will remain open until 15 minutes after their listed time. Once the timer reaches 0, queued teams will be matched against each other.

Note: The first person to join the party is designated as the party captain and if that person exits the party or queue it will remove the whole party from the queue. 



3. Solo Queuing

  • Solo players need to press the “Join Queue” button once the queue opens up at the set queue time. 
  • There will be a 15 minute window of time from the start of the queue time that joining the queue will be available. Once the timer reaches 0, queued players will be matched against each other.



4. Match Page Information

  • Once the queue is over, you will be matched with your opponent. 
  • Both teams or individuals will be taken to the match page where they can view their opponents screen names (gamertags), report their scores, and utilize the match chat if need be. 
  • Each team will be designated as either “home” or “away” and it is up to the “home” team to create a custom/private match. 
  • After the match is complete, the winner of the match will report the score in the “reporting scores” section. (each win counts as 1 pt)


5. Contacting Your Opponent

  • All players need to utilize the Match Chat feature on the GenE platform to communicate with their opponent. 
  • Once your queue window opens for your weekly match and you are matched with your opponent, you will be able to contact them directly through the match page match chat.



6. Reporting Scores / Forfeits

  • To report scores or forfeits, click on the match from your dashboard and scroll to the section called, “Report Match Score”. 
  • You can insert the scores in this section by counting every win/game as 1 point. If the match was forfeited, click the “win by forfeit” box under the winning team’s name. 
  • Once you submit, you will be able to see who reported the score. 

Note: Match scores and forfeits must be reported as soon as your match has finished.



7. Reporting Rule Breaks Or Toxic Behavior

  • Please report any rule violations or toxic behavior to HSEL support staff as soon as it happens by submitting a ticket here.

8. Match Settings / Rules

  • You will find match settings and rules for each game here.

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