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This article explains basic information regarding each console & PC client used for the extensive list of games offered by Generation Esports. Please note that not all games are available on all platforms.



  • PS4
    • Retail value $299 (1TB Slim Version recommended) 
    • Last generation console released Nov. 2013
    • Lowest power/performance of the current Playstation family
  • PS4 Pro
    • Retail value $399
    • Last generation console released Nov. 2016
    • Significantly improved performance over base PS4
  • PS5 Standard
    • Retail value $499
    • Current generation console released Nov. 2020
    • Best power/performance in the Playstation family
  • PS5 Digital
    • Retail value $399
    • Current generation console released Nov. 2020
    • Best power/performance (same as PS5 STANDARD)
    • No disk drive (digital downloads only)
  • Xbox ONE
    • Retail value $299
    • Last generation console released Oct. 2013
    • Lowest power/performance console of Xbox family 
  • Xbox Series X
    • Retail value $499
    • Current generation console released Nov. 2020
    • Best power/performance of current Xbox family
  • Xbox Series S
    • Retail value $299
    • Current generation console released Nov. 2020
    • 2nd in power/performance under Series X
    • No disk drive (digital downloads only)
  • Switch
    • Retail value $299
    • Current generation handheld/console hybrid released March 2017
    • Focus on family-friendly titles (i.e.) Super Smash Bros. & Mario Kart 8
  • Switch Lite
    • Retail value $199
    • Current generation handheld released Sept. 2019
    • Not recommended for competitive play, due to handheld limitation


Below you will find information on the various online subscriptions required for online play available for each console.

  • Playstation Plus
    • Individual membership ($60/year)
  • Nintendo Switch Online
    • Individual membership ($20/year)
    • Family membership covering up to 8 accounts ($35/year)
  • Xbox Network*
    • Online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service ($10/month)
  • Xbox Game Pass**
    • Game subscription service for Xbox consoles, Windows 10, and Android ($10/month)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    • Combines Xbox Network & Game Pass services ($15/month)

*Xbox Live will be rebranding to Xbox Network*

**Subscribing to Xbox Game Pass alone will not allow for online play**



Using Windows 10 OS, PC uses different clients to operate different games, depending on the developer of the title. Below is a list of different game clients and examples of titles offered on each. 

  • Steam
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo Infinite, Rainbow 6: Siege, NBA 2K Series
  • Battlenet
    • CoD Vanguard, CoD Warzone, Hearthstone, Overwatch
  • Epic Games
    • Fortnite Battle Royale, Rainbow 6: Siege, Rocket League
  • Riot Games
    • Valorant


The following list provides information on which games support full cross-platform play (players can play w/ each other across console/pc), which games are exclusive to specific console/pc, and the titles available on multiple platforms but do not support cross-platform play. 



  • CoD Vanguard (Playstation, Xbox, PC)
  • CoD Warzone (Playstation, Xbox, PC)
  • Fortnite (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC)
  • Halo Infinite (Xbox, PC)
  • Overwatch (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC)
  • Rocket League (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC)


  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)
  • Valorant (PC)
  • Hearthstone (PC)*
  • 10-Minute Chess (PC)*

*Title also available on mobile devices, supporting crossplay. 


  • FIFA (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC)
  • Madden (Playstation, Xbox, PC)
  • NBA 2K (Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC)
  • Rainbow 6: Siege (Playstation, Xbox, PC)

Please refer to your specific community's tournament overview (HSEL, MSEL, NJCAAE, etc.)  to see specifics on which platform is offered for competition.

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