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Developer: Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer

Publisher: Activision

Platform: Playstation, Xbox, PC

Genre: First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Crossplay: Yes

Price: $60

Rating: M for Mature (Age 17+ required to compete)

Call of Duty 101

  • For PC, Call of Duty is available to download on the Battlenet Games Client.
  • Since re-inventing the FPS genre in 2007 with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the annual releases of subsequent CoD games have made this series the #1-selling FPS franchise of all time. 
  • Graphic Content (blood, gore, adult language) can be disabled from the in-game menu by: 
    • selecting "Options" --> "Content Filter" --> set Graphic Content to "Off"
  • A competitive Call of Duty game will feature two teams of 4 players facing each other to see who can complete the necessary objectives before their opponents.  
  • There are numerous game modes available in any Call of Duty game, yet only three are considered viable for competition: 
    • Hardpoint (Teams must capture and hold a rotating objective area to gain points and ends whenever the first team reaches 250 points)
    • Control (Attack vs. Defend where attackers must capture two objectives before time runs out. Each team is limited to 20 respawns
      • Control rounds end when 1) attackers capture both objectives 2) time runs out before both objectives are captured or 3) a team runs out of respawns and all players are eliminated
    • Search & Destroy (Attack vs. Defend where attackers attempt to plant a bomb at one of the two available sites. There are no respawns in S&D)
      • Search & Destroy rounds end when 1) attackers have successfully planted and destroyed one objective site 2) defenders have defused the bomb or 3) all players on a team are eliminated
  • A full match in Call of Duty will involve each one of these modes being played at least once on a rotating list of game maps. 


  • Each player has access to customizable loadouts containing each of the following: 
    • Primary & Secondary Weapon w/ customizable attachments
    • Lethal Item (Grenade, Semtex Grenade, etc.)
    • Tactical Item (Smoke Grenade, Stun Grenade, etc.)
    • 3 Perks that add some sort of inherent trait to your character/loadout 
  • Following Call of Duty League (CDL) rulesets, some weapons/attachments/perks/items are restricted to maintain competitive integrity.
  • Teams will need to hold extensive knowledge of the maps (i.e.) chokepoints, rotations, spawns, sightlines, etc. and consistently communicate with their allies on the whereabouts of enemy positions/activity. 


  • You will find a guide on how to build a custom match for Call of Duty HERE.
  • View our Console & PC Overview HERE.
  • View PC Minimum System requirements HERE.

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