NBA 2K Game Overview

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Developer: Visual Concepts & 2K Games

Publisher: 2K Games

Platform: Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC

Genre: Sports Simulation

Crossplay: No

Price: $60

Rating: E for Everyone

NBA 2K 101

  • NBA 2K is a 1v1  “Sports Sim”, meaning the game is simulating a real-life sport (professional basketball in this case).
  • As this is a simulation game for an in-person sport, there are no “otherworldly” or unrealistic abilities that can be used in the game. 
  • Officially licensed by the NBA, the game allows players to compete as any professional team/player currently active in the National Basketball Association. 
  • Competitive matches follow the standard, real-world ruleset established by the NBA. The team with the most points at the end of 4 quarters wins. 
  • Games are split into 4 quarters. Each quarter is simulated in a faster time than its real-life counterpart (avg. 5 minutes per quarter) to keep games at a reasonable length. 


  • As a 1v1 competitive game, competitors will control all the players on the basketball court, having autonomy over a single player at any given time. 
  • Just like a head coach, competitors can call plays (i.e.) pick and roll, isolation,  zone defense, etc. in real-time during gameplay. 
  • Competitors will need to utilize real-world strategies on offense and defense. Good knowledge of how basketball works will result in higher rates of success in NBA 2K.


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