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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal 

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform: Playstation, Xbox, PC

Genre: First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Crossplay: Coming early 2022 between consoles (not PC)

Price: $20 (PC) $40 (Consoles)

Rating: M for Mature (Age 16+ required to compete)

R6 Siege 101

  • Rainbow 6 Siege is a 5v5 hardcore “Hero Shooter”, full of different playable characters, each with their own unique abilities, mechanics, etc. Each team can only have one of each hero active at any given time. 
  • For PC, Rainbow 6 Siege is available for download from the Epic Games Client
  • The game has gained a dedicated fanbase due to its rewarding skill ceiling, hardcore game style, and focus on slower-paced, tactical team play. 
  • Players have 1 life per round, meaning if someone is eliminated, they will not be able to respawn until the next round begins. 
  • Games are set up in an Attack/Defend scenario, with Attackers attempting to infiltrate an objective and Defenders trying to stop them. 
  • The numerous playable characters are separated into “Attackers” and “Defenders”, meaning you cannot choose a “Defender” character when your team is on attack. 
  • While there are multiple game modes, Bomb is the only accepted competitive mode.
    • In Bomb, there is an A and B objective site. The Defenders must set up various defenses/fortifications around these objectives to prevent the Attackers from infiltrating and planting a “diffuser” at either site.
    • Games are round-based in a “Best of 13” setting, with the first team to win 7 rounds taking the game. 


  • Below is a more in-depth look at the game mechanics present in R6 Siege: 
  • Each hero has a unique customizable loadout suited for various situations along with realistic, grounded abilities/utility items. A typical loadout will include the following: 
    • Primary Weapon (Assault Rifles, Marksman Rifles, Submachine Guns, etc.)
    • Secondary Weapon (Shotguns, Pistols, etc.) 
    • Two abilities/utility (Grenades, Barbed WIre, Cameras, Deployable Shield, etc.)
  • Map Knowledge is vital to success in R6 Siege, as all map layouts are intricate, complex, and designed for close corridor action. 
  • Destructible environments (i.e.) blowing up walls or shooting wooden floors to create visible openings can create new lanes of movement/sight for your team and be a make or break for victory.


  • You will find a guide on how to build a custom match for Rainbow 6 Siege HERE.
  • View our Console & PC Overview HERE.
  • View PC Minimum System requirements HERE.

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