Connecting to CS:GO Servers Using the Dev Console

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Connecting to Games through the Developer Console

Before attempting to connect to the CS:GO servers, you will need to ensure that your developer console is enabled. To enable the console, go to the Options menu in-game. Under Game Settings you will see an option to “Enable Developer Console (~)”, make sure the option is set to yes. 


Accessing the Developer Console

You will need to set a keybind in order to access the console in-game, by default the ` is set in the keymapping options. If you cannot access the console with the ` key to ensure that it has been set for the developer console option. 



Connecting through the Developer Console

Bring up the developer console with the ` key. Once it is open type the paste the connect information provided in the match chat into the text box and press enter. Once both the IP and Password have been entered you will be placed in the server. 


Reconnecting to the Game

If you lose connection at any point in time, open the Developer Console and repeat the connection steps mentioned above. Doing so will place you back into the game.  


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