Counter-Strike 2 Custom Match Guide

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Generating a Server

On the match page, follow the pick/ban process as outlined in the league rules in the match chat. Once the map(s) and region have been agreed upon, one team will use the match page tool to "propose" the map(s) and region. The other will accept the proposal if it is correct. Once the proposal is accepted, a server will be generated and a green "Copy IP" button will appear on the page. Click this button.

Connecting to Games through the Developer Console

First time setup: to connect to the CS2 servers, each player must have the developer console enabled in their game. To enable the console, go to the Options menu in-game. Under Game Settings set the “Enable Developer Console (~)” option to yes.

image (23).png

Accessing the Developer Console

To access the console in-game, press the “ ` “ (tilde) key. If the tilde key does not work, double-check your key binds.

image (24).png

Connecting to the Server

Open the developer console. Next, paste (CTRL + V) the connect information provided in by the button from the match page into the console text box and press enter. Your game should then connect to the server.

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Console Server Commands

These commands are accessed directly from the game chat. To use them, input the required command and press enter. Abuse of the commands is prohibited and may result in forfeits or other disciplinary action being taken. 


Marks a player as ready to begin a map


Marks a player as not ready to begin a map


Requests a freeze time pause


Requests an unpause. Requires the other team to confirm


Elects to stay after a knife round win

!swap / !switch

Elects to swap team side after a knife round win


force readies your team, letting your team start regardless of player numbers/whether they are ready