Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Game Overview

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Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Genre: Racing/Arcade

Release Date: April 2017

Price: $60

Rating: E for Everyone


Mario Kart 101

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (MK8) consists of licensed characters from the Mario franchises, racing in different motor vehicles, collecting items to aid their standing in various video game-inspired courses. 
  • Each race consists of anywhere from 8 to 12 racers. 
  • MK8 is the 14th installment in the Mario Kart series that has consistently received praise for its crisp gameplay and fun-focused arcade nature of the races. 
  • While there are multiple game modes & variations, the standard 3-lap race is the competitively accepted ruleset. 
  • There are more than 40 playable characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses which affect speed, acceleration, handling, etc. 


  • There are three different types of vehicles to choose from in MK8: Karts, Motor Bikes, and ATVs, each having its own effect on overall racer statistics. 
  • The various statistics that affect a racer’s performance are: 
    • Speed (The top speed that can be achieved) 
    • Acceleration (rate it takes racer to achieve top speed)
    • Weight (higher weight can knock other cars around; lower acceleration)
    • Handling (turning ability on land) 
    • Traction (higher traction leads to a better ability to stay on the course)
    • Mini-Turbo (affects the duration of in-game speed boosts)
  • Items are perhaps the most important factor of the moment-to-moment action in Mario Kart 8. Items include:
    • Coins (speed boost for each 1 that is collected; can hold a max of 10)
    • Boomerang Flower (thrown at other racers; can be thrown 3 times)
    • Potted Piranha Plant (comes out of the front of the player’s vehicle and can be used to attack close-by racers; gives slight speed boost when attacking)
    • Super Horn (Blocks all types of incoming projectile items w/in range)
    • Banana (Dropped onto course; racers spin out if they run into it)
    • Green Shell (thrown by player onto the track to potentially hit a racer)
    • Red Shell (similar to green shells but will lock on to racer in front of player)
    • Mushroom (gives the user a short speed boost when used) 
    • Golden Mushroom (unlimited speed boosts for a few seconds)
    • Bob-ombs (a bomb that can be thrown and explodes on a timer)
    • Blooper (shoots ink onto all other racer’s screens, obstructing vision)
    • Fire Flower (user can shoot fireballs at racers for a short time)
    • Star (makes user invincible and gives speed boost for a short time)
    • Lightning (strikes all other racers when used, making them shrink slow down)
    • Spiny Shell (Pursues the 1st Place racer; can only be blocked w/ Super Horn)
    • Bullet Bill (allows user to become Bullet Bill, being automatically steered at high speed, allowing them to catch up to/surpass other racers)


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