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This article explains the ins and outs of using the Skill-Based Matchmaking Queue System that players will use to match up with their opponent on match day. 


If you are looking to dispute a match or have immediate questions regarding match processes, please contact our support team HERE.


Queuing For Your Match

  • Queues for match times will open in the “Today’s Play Times” section of the dashboard at the set queue time listed.
  • Once the queue time arrives, you can then press “Join Queue” to be thrown into the 5-minute skill-based matchmaking window.

Team Queuing

  • Teams will first need to “Join Party” before their “Join Queue” option will appear. Teams can “Join Party” up to 5 minutes before the queue time. 
  • Once all team members are in the party and the queue time arrives, the party leader (designated with a joystick next to their name) will be able to select the "Join Queue" button at the top right. 
  • Queues will remain open until 5 minutes after their listed time. Once the timer reaches 0, queued teams will be matched against each other
  • The first person to join the party is designated as the party leader. If that person exits the party or queue, it will pull out the whole party.



Solo Queuing

  • Solo players need to press the “Join Queue” button once the queue opens up at the set queue time. 
  • There will be a 5-minute window of time from the start of the queue time that joining the queue will be available. Once the timer reaches 0, queued players will be matched against each other



Match Page Information

  • Once the queue is over, you will be matched with your opponent. 
  • Both teams or individuals will be taken to the match page where they can view their opponent's screen names (gamertags), report their scores, and utilize the match chat. 
  • Each team will be designated as either “home” or “away” and it is up to the “home” team to create a custom/private match. 
  • After the match is complete, the winner of the match will report the score in the “reporting scores” section. (each win counts as 1 pt)

Contacting Your Opponent

  • All players need to utilize the Match Chat feature on the GenE platform to communicate with their opponent. 
  • Once your queue window opens for your weekly match and you are matched with your opponent, you will be able to contact them directly through the match page match chat.
  • If your opponent is unresponsive, please contact our support team HERE.


Reporting Scores / Forfeits

  • To report scores or forfeits, click on the match from your dashboard and scroll to the “Report Match Score” section. 
  • You can insert the scores in this section by counting every win/game as 1 point. If the match was forfeited, click the “win by forfeit” box under the winning team’s name. 
  • Once you submit, you will be able to see who reported the score.
  • Match scores and forfeits must be reported as soon as your match has finished.
  • If you need to settle a score dispute or report any sort of misconduct, please contact our support team HERE.


What if I do not get matched up with anyone?

  • In the rare event that an odd number of players/rosters queues up at a specific time, one player or roster will not get matched and will instead receive a bye win for that week. Any player/roster that receives a bye win in this way will be moved into a priority queue for the remainder of the tournament to ensure they get matched up in future queues.

Reporting Rule Breaks Or Toxic Behavior

  • Please report any rule violations or toxic behavior to HSEL support staff as soon as it happens by submitting a ticket here.

Video Tutorials

Team Queue

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