Queue System 101

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This article explains how to use the Matchmaking Queue System that players will use to match up with an opponent on match day.

If you are looking to dispute a match or have immediate questions regarding match processes, please contact our support team HERE.


Video Tutorial

Queuing For Your Match

  • Queues for match times will open in the “Today’s Play Times” section of the dashboard at the set queue time listed.
    • If you are in multiple tournaments, use the dropdown in "Today's Play Times" to filter for the specific tournament you are currently looking for. 


Join the Queue

  • Once the queue time arrives, players can click “Join Queue”.  
    • Team Games: this will bring up a party window, showing which team members are online (in the window), time left until the queue closes, total players needed for roster to enter the matchmaking pool, etc.


    • Solo Games: a smaller popup window will appear with a timer counting down to when you will receive a match/opponent. 
  • (Team games only) Once the minimum required number of players is in the party window, the roster will automatically be entered into the queue window's matchmaking pool. 
    • Substitutes should not queue.
  • Once the queue timer reaches 0 in the top-right corner of the party/queue window, queued teams/players will be matched against each other.
  • Once matched, both teams or individuals will be taken to the match page where they can view their opponent's game names (gamertags), report scores (winning team only), and utilize the match chat. 
  • See MATCH PAGE & MATCH HISTORY for information on using the match page and where match history can be found. 


How is my Opponent Decided?

The queue system uses two primary factors to find an opponent:* 

  • New opponent 
  • Tournament rating (combined factors including Win/Loss record) 
    • This can also be referred to as "MMR" or "Matchmaking Rating"

*The queue system can only look at opponents that queue during the same queue window. 


What if I do not get matched up with anyone?

  • In the event that an odd number of players/rosters queues up at a specific time, one player or roster will not get matched and will instead receive a bye win for that week.

  • Any player/roster that receives a bye win in this way will be moved into a priority queue for the remainder of the tournament to ensure they get matched up in future queues.

  • See the below image as an example of a "Bye Win" match page. 



Rare, known bug: If your queue timer has reached 0 but you have not been taken to a match page, complete the following steps:

  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Refresh the page
  • Scroll down to Match History. You may need to use the dropdowns here to select the proper tournament and roster
  • The current match should be found here in your history. Click on the match to be taken to the match page

Ad and script blockers may interfere with the queue system's ability to redirect you to the match page. We recommend disabling them on Generation Esports.

The Generation Esports technical team is working to address this bug as soon as possible!