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This article explains all relevant registration processes in order to start competing in the HSEL 2021 Summer Challenge. 



Below, you will find the key dates for the HSEL 2021 Summer Challenge. 

  • Registration: 5/14/21 - Season End
  • Pre Season: 6/28/21 - 7/2/21
  • 3 Week Season: 7/5/21 - 7/25/21
  • Makeup Day: 7/25/21
  • 1 Week Playoffs/Finals: 8/2/21 - 8/13/21


The HSEL 2021 Summer Challenge is open to all high school teams and players in the US and Canada who are registered with HSEL. You do not need to be on a high school team to participate and it is FREE!


Success Team
Onboarding/Registration Questions

Support Team
Technical Questions/Issues


Signing Up/Applying

  • Any student interested in competing in the HSEL 2021 Summer Challenge must first sign up on the HSEL website. 
  • When signing up as a student, please select “student” from the signup page.

Free Agent Approval Process

  • You will need to provide proof of high school enrollment when filling out your application. Examples of student verification include:

    • School ID

    • School Schedule

    • Report Card

  • You will be contacted via email when your application has been approved. 

Creating Your Team (team-based games only)

  • Click “Teams” from the left-hand menu, then “+ Create Team”.
  • On this page, you can see your team’s info, add members, and create rosters.
  • You do not need to create a team if you are registering for a single-player game. You can simply go to that game's tournament page and “Register as Individual”.

Adding Members (team-based games only)

  • From your team’s page, click the “Members” tab. 
  • Click the “+ Add Member” button to utilize the two different invitation options.
  • You can invite members via email or you can generate and send an invite link. 
  • You can input multiple emails by clicking on the plus sign. 
  • Pressing the three dots to the right of your member’s names will allow you to make them captains, add them to rosters, suspend, and delete them.

Adding Game Connections

  • To be added to a roster, you must have a game connection set for that specific game.

  • You can access your game connections by selecting “Connect Games” from the left-hand navigation menu. The game connections page will allow you to view, add, edit, and delete your game connections.

  • To add a game connection, select “Add Game Connection” from the games connection page. From the game connection popup window, you need to select the game you wish to add from the dropdown menu and enter the screen name/gamertag/account name you use on the platform you play that game on.

  • Please include the numbers included in the Battlenet tag and Switch Friend Code if applicable. 

Creating Rosters (team-based games only)

  • From the left-hand navigation menu, select “Teams” and then select your team.

  • Select the “Rosters'' tab at the top to access your rosters page. The rosters page shows your roster list and allows you to create, edit, and delete rosters.

  • To create a new roster, select the “Create New'' button. You can name your roster on this page, select what game the roster is for from the dropdown menu, and then click on the “Add Members” button to add members to the roster.

  • You do not need to create a roster if you are registering for a single-player game.

Note: If you cannot add a member to a roster it is because that member does not have their game connection set to the game you are creating the roster for.

Registering for Tournaments

  • On the left-hand navigation menu, select "Communities", then under "My Communities" select “Learn More” on the HSEL community.
  • Once on the HSEL communities page, click “Tournaments” found under the “sponsored by” section. This will bring you to the tournaments page for HSEL where you can sort by platform, game, and tournament.
  • Click on the tournament you want to register and then select “Register Now” which will bring up your registration options.
  • Select your roster from the drop-down if registering a roster.
  • Select “Register as Individual” if registering as a solo player.
  • Once you have selected your registration option, select “Register Now” again.


Match windows will be open during the weekdays at 4pm CDT and 7pm CDT and Saturdays at 3pm CDT for all games on their assigned day. 

Preseason and regular season will be leaderboard play with 2 windows per week per game, students can play each game once per day. Playoffs will be a single-elimination bracket, size depends on registration.


Schedule/Calendar of game days are located in the table below.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Hearthstone Chess Overwatch Smash Bros. Rocket League CoD Cold War
Smash Bros. Smash Bros. CoD Cold War Hearthstone Chess Smash Bros.
CS:GO NBA 2K Minecraft Rainbow 6 CS:GO Valorant
Rainbow 6 Rocket League Valorant CoD Gunfight Overwatch NBA 2K
  Minecraft       CoD Gunfight




Team Size


Match Length




Bo1 Regular season

Bo3 Playoffs/Finals




Bo5 All




Bo7 All

NBA 2K21 Pro AM




Bo3 Regular Season

Bo5 Playoffs/Finals

Rainbow 6: Siege





Bo1 Regular Season

Bo3 Playoffs/Finals

Rocket League



Bo7 All




Bo1 Regular season

Bo3 Playoffs/Finals




Bo5 Regular Season/Playoffs

Bo7 Finals

CoD: Cold War



Bo3 Regular Season

Bo5 Playoffs/Finals


Survival Games

PC only (Java Edition)

4 games per window 

10 Minute Chess (Chess.com)



Bo3 Regular Season

Bo5 Playoffs/Finals

CoD: Gunfight (Cold War)



Bo7 All



Queuing For Your Match

  • Queues for match times will open in the “Today’s Play Times” section of the dashboard at the set queue time listed.
  • Once the queue time arrives, you can then press “Join Queue” to be thrown into the 10-minute skill-based matchmaking window.

Solo Queueing

  • Solo players will press the “Join Queue” button once the queue opens up at the set queue time.
  • There will be a 10-minute window of time from the start of the queue time that joining the queue will be available.
  • Once the timer reaches 0, queued players will be matched against each other.

Team Queuing

  • Teams will first need to “Join Party” before their “Join Queue” option will appear. Teams can “Join Party” anytime before the queue time. 
  • Once all team members are in the party and the queue time arrives, the party captain (designated with a joystick next to their name) will be able to select the "Join Queue" button at the top right. 
  • Queues will remain open until 10 minutes after their listed time. Once the timer reaches 0, queued teams will be matched against each other.

Match Page Information

  • Once the queue is over, you will be matched with your opponent(s).
  • Both competitors will be taken to the match page where they can view their opponent's screen names (gamertags), report their scores, and utilize the match chat.
  • Each competitor will be designated as either “home” or “away” and it is up to the “home” player to create a custom/private match.
  • After the match is complete, the winner of the match will report the score in the “reporting scores” section. (each win counts as 1 pt)

Contacting Your Opponent

  • All players need to utilize the Match Chat feature on the HSEL platform to communicate with their opponent.
  • Once your queue window opens for your weekly match and you are matched with your opponent, you will be able to contact them directly through the match chat on the match page.

Reporting Scores/Forfeits

  • To report scores or forfeits, click on the match from your dashboard and scroll to the section called, “Report Match Score”.
  • You can insert the scores in this section by counting every win/game as 1 point. If the match was forfeited, click the “win by forfeit” box under the winning team’s name.
  • Once you submit, you will be able to see who reported the score.

Match Settings/Rules

  • You will find match settings and rules for all participating games here.

Student Guidelines

  • You will find the student guidelines regarding toxicity and appropriate behavior here.
  • The punishments for violating any of these rules will be strictly enforced.

Creating Custom/Private Matches

  • You can find information about creating custom/private matches here.


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