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What version of Minecraft PVP will be used?
We’ll be using 1.8 PVP.

Can I use badilion or other modified clients?

Can I use texture/resource packs?
No, the server side resource pack must be used at all times while in game.

Can I use client side mods?

Can I use Optifine?
Yes, the link to download it can be found in our rules here

Can I team-up with other players?

Make sure to check out the rest of our rules!
The first games will start at the default time, and have a 2 minute grace period before they begin. The second game will start directly after the first game has concluded, allowing anyone who missed the first game to join in for the second. The second game will have a 2 minute grace period as well. After the second game, competitors are done for the week!
Before the games start on Tuesday, you should connect to our Minecraft server at mc.hsel.org to see if you are whitelisted. if you are not whitelisted, you will need to update your Minecraft game connection to match you Minecraft username, and contact support about the issue. If you are not whitelisted, your game connection is correct, and you do not receive this email, please contact support either in our Discord or via the Help Center.

In the future we plan to open a practice server which will be public for all to play on. Depending on demand we may keep or even add more of these type of servers, we’ll send updates about this throughout the tournament.

If you’re still having trouble with whitelisting or have questions about the format of this tournament, send us a message in our Discord or via our Help Center.

Good luck & have fun!

-The HSEL Team

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