Fortnite Boxfight Game Overview

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Developer: Epic Games

Publisher: Epic Games

Platform: Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC w/ Crossplay

Genre: 1v1 Boxfight

Release Date: July 2017

Price: Free-to-play

Rating: T for Teen

Fortnite 101

  • Fortnite Boxfight is a 3rd-person (over-shoulder camera) “1v1 variant game found within Fortnite's creative mode where 2 players drop onto a map and face off in round-based competition. 
  • The title features full cross-platform compatibility (players on different platforms can party up together) as well as cross-save (transfer player save data across multiple platforms).
  • The most notable feature of Fortnite is its building system, which has players quickly building and editing structures of various materials in order to out-position their opponents in a fight.
  • Loadouts will be the same for each player in order to keep rounds quick and balanced. 


  • Below is a more in-depth look at the mechanics present in Fortnite: 
    • Weapons come in various forms such as Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Explosives (RPG/Grenades), etc.  
    • Health is factored in the amount of normal health and shield a player has. Items that restore health/shield are bandages, medkits, mushrooms, slurp juice, chug-jugs, as well as large/small shield potions, among other rotating consumables. 
    • Building is the ultimate factor in whether or not a player emerges with the “Victory Royale”. Players can use wood, brick, and metal materials to quickly create structures in order to gain tactical advantages against opponents. 
  • Players need to balance their weaponry, aim skills, and building mechanics to come out victorious!


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