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Setting up a lobby for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will require players to first utilize our Matchmaking Queue System on the Generation Esports Platform. Make sure all users have their Steam client and CS: GO install fully up to date before matching. 

  1. Once both teams are matched against each other through the queue system, there will now be two buttons on the left of the Match Chat. 

  2. Selecting “Play” will open up a popup window that will allow the home team to start applying the match settings.

  3. Within the popup, the home team will have the ability to set the maps and region the server that the teams will play on. Each option has a drop-down menu that will be used to select the specific match settings that comply with your community's rules

  4. Once all options have been selected from their drop-down menus, the home team will select “Approve” at the bottom of the popup window.

  5. The away team will then be presented with a popup asking them to approve the game settings. At this point, the home team will see a message on their popup informing them that the match is awaiting approval from their opponents.

  6. After both teams have approved the match settings, the box on the left of the match chat will now have a connect button displayed. Pressing it will provide the IP address and password needed in order to access the server inside the match chat.

  7. In order to connect players will need to input the IP address and password into the developer console inside CS:GO. If you require help using the developer console, please view the article on Connecting to Games through the Developer Console

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