Rainbow 6 Siege Custom Match

For a Google Slide presentation on how to setup Rainbow 6 Siege matches - click here!

  • Launch the game by selecting the application on the home screen of your console or from the Steam games client (PC).  
  • From the main menu, navigate to the small box w/ three lines and select.

  • Hit “Custom Game” found at the bottom-right and choose “Create Online”.

  • You must create a new playlist. Select “Normal Mode” to begin editing the custom lobby. 
  • Edit your lobby settings to comply with your community's rules
  • Select “Create as a Player” to be taken to a new window where both team’s players will be visible. 
  • The away team sets the game up; the home team will accept the invite. Communicate gamertags in the match chat of the Generation Esports platform. 
  • Start the game when all players communicate they are ready on the Match Page.mceclip1.png