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  • Launch the game by selecting the application on the home screen of your console or from the Epic Games client (PC). 
  • To access the Private Match, select “Play” on the Main Menu, navigate to “Custom Games” and select “Private Match”.

  • You will then see two options: Create Private Match or Join Private Match

  • In “Create”, you can customize all the settings that you would like for your match, keeping your community's rules in mind.RL_1.png

  • Set the “Joinable By” option to “Name/Password” and hit “Create Match”.
  • Enter a name and password for the lobby and select “Create Match” to load into the game. 
  • To Join a Private Match, make sure all players on your roster are partied up (in the game). Navigate to “Private Match” and select “Join”.

  • Have your in-game party leader enter the name/password information provided by the designated home roster through the match chat on your match page.

  • Once all members have joined the lobby, make sure all players are ready before choosing their respective teams in order to avoid false starts.

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