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HSEL Registration FAQ

  • Updated

How do I sign up? 

Please see the HSEL Registration Guide for signup and tournament registration instructions.

  • Sign up = Created a Generation Esports account 
  • Join = You have joined the HSEL community either as a student or school official
  • Register = Entered a tournament 

Is there a deadline to register for a tournament?

No. Registration for both Major and Open seasons remains open for the entire duration of the regular season and will only close when playoffs commence. 


How many students can I add to my roster?

You may have up to twice the number of starting players required to play a game on your roster for team games. For example, Rocket League requires you to have 3 players to play a match, which means you may have 6 students on your roster (eg. 3 starting players and 3 substitutes). For solo games, you can add all of your students to one roster. 


What is the difference between a team and a roster?

A team represents your school and encompasses all of your members, regardless of the game and a roster is the list of players playing a specific game.


Is there a maximum/minimum number of students that I need on my team?

There is no minimum or maximum number of students needed to form a team, as long as a roster can meet the minimum player count for a specific game. 


How many rosters can I have for one game?

You may have as many rosters for one game as long as a single student is not on multiple rosters for the same game/tournament. 


How do I purchase battle passes?

You may purchase battle passes through the dashboard by clicking on the Purchase Passes tab or if you require an invoice, please email


Do we have to schedule our own matches?

No. Matches during the regular season are scheduled with set queue windows on specific days. You simply queue for your match at the day/time that best works for you.


I gifted a pass to a student and now I can’t revoke their pass. What should I do?

Whoever is gifted the pass becomes the owner of that pass and you will not be able to revoke it or assign it to someone else. Please submit a support ticket here to resolve this issue.