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1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.

2. Match Procedure

Supported Platforms

  • PS4
  • XB1

2.1. Series Lengths

Matches are played as a best of 3 series the regular season, and a best of 5 in the playoffs and grand finals.

2.2. Game Lobby

5 players of the home team must be in their PRO AM building before their captain can start sending invites. 

  • Match Setting: Private
  • Create a password
  • Share the password in Match Chat

2.3 Player Positions

Each Team’s starting lineup must consist of 1 point guard, 1 shooting guard, 1 small forward, 1 power forward, and 1 center. 

3. Restrictions

3.1 Trademarked Logos

The use of NBA Team Logos, College Team Logos or any other Trademarked Logos are prohibited in official matches.


4. Stoppage of Play

4.1 Disconnection

A match can be reset if a player disconnects from a match as long as the following criteria are met.

  • The disconnection happens in the first 3 minutes of the First Quarter
  • The score difference is 15 or less
  • The player has not disconnected previously during the match

Disconnections that do not meet this criteria or multiple disconnections will count as a game loss for the team with the disconnected player or players.


5. Player Count

Both teams participating in a match must provide 5 players from their roster at the beginning of each game. During a game, if a team should have a player disconnect from the game that team will forfeit the remainder of that game to the opposing team. If a team is not able to field the required amount of players for additional games in the series, then they will forfeit the remainder of the match.

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