Getting Started As A Free Agent (Summer Challenge)

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The step-by-step process of signing up with HSEL as a free agent for the Summer Challenge season. 


Signing Up/Applying

  • You must first sign up as a “student” on the HSEL website.
  • Verification of student status will be required in order to complete the signup. Acceptable documents are: 
    • School ID
    • Report Card
    • Transcript



Approval Process 

  • Your application may take up to 48 hours to process.
  • Verification of your email and student status is required before approval.
  • You will be contacted via email when your application has been approved.

Team Page Information

  • To create a team, select "Teams" from the left-hand navigation menu and hit "+Create Team".
  • On your team page, you can view your team's information, add members, and create rosters.



Adding Members

  • From your team’s page, click the “Members” tab. 
  • Click the “+ Add Member” button to utilize the two different invitation options.
  • You can invite members via email or you can generate and send an invite link. 
  • You can input multiple emails by clicking on the plus sign. 
  • Pressing the three dots to the right of your member’s names will allow you to make them captains, add them to rosters, suspend, and delete them.



Adding Game Connections 

  • Team members must have a game connection set for each game they are playing.
  • By selecting “Connect Games” from the left-hand navigation menu, members can view, add, edit, and delete game connections.
  • To add a game connection, they select “Add Game Connection” and from the popup window, they select the game they wish to add & enter the screen name they use on the platform they play that game on.
  • Include the numbers in the Battlenet tag and Switch Friend Code if applicable.



Creating Rosters

  • From your team’s page, select the “Rosters'' tab to view, create, edit, and delete rosters.
  • To create a new roster, select the “Create New” button. You can name your roster, select what game the roster is for, and click the “Add Members” button to add members. 
  • When creating single-player rosters, all members playing on the same platform (Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC) can be added to the same roster. The platform does not matter for cross-platform games.
  • When creating team-based rosters, please place the proper amount of members that the game requires on the roster & substitutes if applicable.
  • If you cannot add a member to a roster it is because that member does not have their game connection set to the corresponding game roster. 


 Purchasing Passes

  • Click “Purchase Passes” on the left-hand navigation menu. 
  • Click “Purchase” on the pass you want to purchase.
  • Select how many passes you want to purchase, as well as who you want to purchase them for (your account or team).

Purchasing Passes (Your Account)

  • If purchasing passes for yourself or gifting a pass, select “Your Name (Your Account)” from the dropdown menu and press continue. 
  • From here you can select “This Pass Is For Me” or “This Pass Is A Gift”.
  • If you select “This Pass Is For Me” then it will ask for your payment method for the purchase and auto-assign the pass to you.
  • If you select “This Pass Is A Gift” then it will ask you to input the email of the person you are gifting the pass to &  then ask for your payment method for the purchase.
  • You cannot revoke a pass that has been gifted to another individual. 

Registering for Tournaments

  • Select "Communities" from the left-hand navigation menu, then under my communities select “Learn More” on the HSEL community.
  • Click on the Tournaments tab. 
  • Click on the tournament you want to register for & select “Register Now” 
  • From the drop-down, select the roster you wish to register and click “Register Now”. Congratulations! Your roster is tournament-ready.


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