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How many tournaments are there during the year?

The Middle School Esports League offers two tournaments per year: Fall Major and Spring Major. 

What is the tournament structure? 

The Fall and Spring Major tournaments take place over an 8 week period for the regular season with 1-2 weeks for playoffs and finals. Students will have a match per week per game. 

Do you have a list of partnered schools in my area?

You can access a map of all of our partnered schools here

Can I play for free?

Yes, we offer Rocket League and Chess for free in every tournament we offer.

What is the pricing?

You can find our current pricing structure for MSEL on the main MSEL website

Do you provide the game licenses?

No, we do not provide game licenses. 

Can students play multiple games? 

Yes, students may participate in as many games as they would like during a tournament.

What are the prizes? 

MSEL offers trophies and swag bags for 1st through 3rd place for every game in a tournament.

Can students play from home? 

Yes, students may participate remotely or from school.

What is a battle pass?

A battle pass is a tournament pass that allows you to access a specific tournament. A single tournament pass grants a student access to one tournament. An annual pass will grant a student access to all tournaments within a given year.

What is a game connection?

Adding your game connection is the process of adding your gamertag on your profile. A game connection is required to be eligible for placement on a roster. Additionally, having your “in-game name” not only makes it easier to contact and invite opponents to game lobbies but also ensures that the players in-game match the players on the team roster. 

How do we contact our opponent?

Once you receive an opponent through the queue system and have access to your match page, you will communicate with your opponent through the Match Chat function on the dashboard. 

Can I set up a league within my district?

Yes, we can help facilitate a district-wide league or tournament. Please contact for details.

I missed a match. Is there anything I can do to make it up?

Yes, we provide makeup queue windows during the last 2 weeks of our regular seasons. 

What games can I play?

You can find the current list of games we are offering for MSEL here

Can I have an additional advisor join my school account?

Yes, you can invite the additional advisor to join your team through the members’ page on your dashboard. Once they show on your members’ list then you can mark them as a team captain. This will give the additional advisor the same administrative abilities as the existing team advisor. The only limitation is that they will not be able to purchase passes for the entire team.

How many teams will make the playoffs?

The number of rosters that make the playoffs are all dependent on the total registration numbers for that particular tournament.

Do I need an online subscription in order to participate?

A Nintendo Switch Online Subscription is required to play any premium (paid) game (i.e.) Knockout City and not required for free-to-play games such as Rocket League. 

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