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What games are available to play?

PREL Summer Showdown will host tournaments in Overwatch, Mario Kart 8, Rocket League, and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. 

Where can I find the game rules?

You can find our game rules here

What are the prizes?

Departments placing 1st in one of the available games will receive 3 Nintendo Switches and a trophy. 2nd place winners will receive gift cards and a trophy. Lastly, 3rd place winners will receive a trophy. 

When do I get my prizes?

For the PREL Summer Showdown, prizes may be expected a month after the competition ends. 


How do I sign up?

Please follow our Getting Started With Your PREL Department Team guide for a comprehensive list of registration steps. 

Is there a deadline to register for a tournament?

The deadline to register for PREL Summer Showdown is July 9th. 

How do I invite individuals to join my team?

For PREL, you will not need to invite members. Instead, make sure your login email is a Gmail address, and provide David Stone ( with the number of participants. You will be sent a spreadsheet containing user login information that can be provided to your competitors. This is in an effort to avoid collecting any personal data. 

How many students can I add to my roster?

You may have up to twice the number of starting players required to play a game minus 1 on your roster for team games. For example, Overwatch requires you to have 6 players to play a match, which means you may have 11 students on your roster (6 starting players and 5 substitutes). For solo games, you can add all of your students to one roster as long as they are playing on the same platform. 

What is the difference between a team and a roster?

A team encompasses all of your members and a roster is the list of players playing a specific game.

Is there a max/min number of students that I need on my team?

There is no minimum or maximum number of students needed to form a team.

How many rosters can I have for one game?

You may have as many rosters for one game as long as one player is not on multiple rosters for the same game. 

Do we have to schedule our own matches?

No, all of the games we offer in a tournament are usually available multiple days a week with multiple queue times on each day. You simply queue for your match at the day and time that best works for you.


I am having technical issues. Who can I contact?

Please report any technical issues to the support team by submitting a ticket here.

How can I submit a match dispute?

Please submit your match dispute to our support team here.

I did not receive the verification email when I signed up. What should I do?

Please contact David Stone ( in regards to receiving another email verification. If you are a student looking for verification, you can submit a ticket here.


What kind of equipment do I need? 

The games we offer are played on multiple platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Please review our console/pc overview here. Other non-hardware equipment you may need includes online subscriptions as well as the game software.

Do you have any technical resources I can submit to my IT department?

Please visit the technical help page here to find any information regarding whitelisting, minimum requirements, and ports to open.


Where can I find tournament information?

You can find tournament information along with registration steps on the PREL Summer Showdown Survival Guide.



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