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This article will teach your how to participate in a Generation Esports tournament using our Queue System

Queuing For Your Match

  • Queues for match times will open in the “Today’s Play Times” section of the dashboard at the set queue time listed.
  • Once the queue time arrives, you can press “Join Queue” to enter into the 10 minute queue window.

Team Queuing

  • Teams will first need to “Join Party” before their “Join Queue” option will appear. Teams can join the party anytime before the queue time. 
  • Once all team members are in the party and the queue time arrives, the party captain (designated with a joystick next to their name) will be able to select the "Join Queue" button.
  • The queue will remain open for 10 minutes. Once the timer reaches 0, queued teams will be matched against each other.

Solo Queuing

  • Solo players need to press the “Join Queue” button once the queue opens up at the set queue time. 
  • The queue will remain open for 10 minutes. Once the timer reaches 0, queued players will be matched against each other.

Match Page Information

  • Once the queue is over, you will be matched with your opponent. 
  • All players will be taken to the match page where they can view their opponents screen names (gamertags), report their scores, and utilize the match chat.
  • Each team will be designated as either “home” or “away” and it is up to the “home” team to create a custom/private match. 
  • After the match is complete, the winner of the match will report the score in the “reporting scores” section.

Contacting Your Opponent

  • All players should utilize the Match Chat feature on the GenE platform to communicate with their opponent. 
  • Once you are matched with your opponent, you will be able to contact them directly through the match chat.

Reporting Scores / Forfeits

  • To report scores or forfeits, click on the match from your dashboard and scroll to the section called, “Report Match Score”. 
  • You can insert the scores in this section by counting every win/game as 1 point. If the match was forfeited, click the “win by forfeit” box under the winning team’s name. 

What if I do not get matched up with anyone?

  • In the rare event that an odd number of players/rosters queues up at a specific time, one player/roster will not get matched and will instead receive a bye win for that week. Any player/roster that receives a bye win will be moved into a priority queue for the remainder of the tournament to ensure they get matched up in future queues.

Reporting Rule Breaks Or Toxic Behavior

  • Please report any rule violations or toxic behavior to our support staff as soon as it happens by submitting a ticket here.

Creating Custom Game Matches

  • You can find information about creating custom game matches here.

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