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Adding Team Members

  • From your team’s page, click the “Members” tab. 
  • Click the “+ Add Member” button to utilize the two different invitation options.
  • You can invite members via a generated invite link. 
  • Pressing the three dots to the right of your members’ names will allow you to make them captains, add them to rosters, suspend, and delete them.

Adding Members for MSEL

  • Anyone under the age of 13 years old, cannot sign up on our platform. For competitors under the age of 13 years old, the Success Team will create generic user accounts. 
  • Please inform your Success Agent of how many accounts are needed. They will create the accounts and provide you with a spreadsheet with each user's login email, password, and generic first and last name.
  • These members will be automatically added to your "Members" page. The admin of the team will not need to manually invite any members.
  • Please do not have your players edit any information once logged in. These accounts cannot contain any personal information.
  • These accounts can be reused for different competitors in future tournaments.

Adding Additional Advisors 

  • From the left-hand navigation, select "Teams". 
  • Choose your team. If you have not created a team yet, please see how to sign up. 
  • Go to "Members" and click "+ Add Member". 
  • Generate an invite link and email it to the team advisor. 
  • Once they are on your team, head to the "Members" tab of the Team page. 
  • Select the 3 dots next to the advisor's name and choose "Make Captain". 

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