How to Create a Roster

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  • Before making a Roster, make sure the necessary members are added to your team. 
  • From your team’s page, select the “Rosters'' tab to view, create, edit, and delete rosters.
  • To create a new roster, select the “Create New” button. You can name your roster, select what game the roster is for, and click the “Add Members” button to add members. 
  • When creating single-player rosters, all members playing on the same platform (Xbox, PlayStation,  Switch, PC)) can be added to the same roster. The platform does not matter for cross-platform games.
  • When creating team-based rosters, please place the proper amount of members that the game requires on the roster & substitutes if applicable.
  • If you cannot add a member to a roster it is because that member does not have their game connection set to the game you are creating the roster for.

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