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Developer: Velan Studios

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platform: Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC

Genre: 3rd-Person Team Tactical Brawler

Crossplay: Yes

Price: $20

Knockout City 101

  • Knockout City is a 3rd-person (camera view is over the shoulder) brawler-type game where two teams of three drop into a small custom map and face each other in a game of arcade-style dodgeball. 
  • For PC, Knockout City is available on the Origin Games Client
  • The title features full cross-platform compatibility (players on different platforms can party up together) as well as cross-save (transfer player save data across multiple platforms).
  • The player's goal is to attack enemies from the opposing team by knocking them out with a ball. Reaching 10 knockouts will win your team a single round. 
  • At launch, the game features five maps and six modes. All of the maps are set in a futuristic metropolis named Knockout City, and each map also features various environmental hazards which can knock a player out.
  • Though there are multiple modes, the competitively accepted mode is “Team K.O.” where teams of three face off in a best of 3. 


  • There are multiple “special ball” types that are present in the game: 
  • “Moon Ball” allows the holding player to jump higher/float and knocks back anyone hit by a throw an extra distance compared to other dodgeballs. 
    • “Bomb Ball” is a time bomb with a fuse that starts when picked up. This will also explode on impact.
    • “Cage Ball” turns an opponent hit by the throw into a ball that can be thrown at other opponents or off the stage for an easy K.O. 
    • “Multi-Ball” allows players to simultaneously hold three balls instead of the usual one. These balls will disappear a short amount of time after being thrown. 
    • “Sniper Ball” can be thrown at rapid speeds after a longer-than-usual wind-up.
  • When ready to throw a ball, the player will target/lock on to an opponent. Holding down the throw button will charge the ball for a faster throw that can be more difficult to catch. 
  • Players can dodge or catch a ball that is thrown at them. If they are hit twice, they’ll be knocked out and respawn after a short time. 
  • Successful throws aren’t dependent on accuracy but rather, the player’s positioning and strategy. 
  • While holding a ball, players can “fake throw” try and throw off the opponent


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