Fortnite Boxfight Custom Match

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This guide details the steps needed to join a 1v1 Boxfight custom lobby.

Away Team

  1. Add the opponents to your friends list.
  2. Wait for opponents to launch the creative mode game.
  3. Find either of the enemy players in your friends list. 
  4. Right-click their name and select “Join Game”.

Home team (Game Host)

  1. Add your opponents to your friends list.
  2. Join your teammate in a party.
  3. If you are the party leader:
    1. Select “Creative” mode and hit “PLAY!” (you can change modes by selecting “CHANGE”, right above the “PLAY!” button).mceclip0.png
    2. Choose “Discover”.mceclip1.png
    3. Enter the island code: 4165-2189-6598 (also found in the rules), and choose “Launch” to be redirected to the main lobby screen. mceclip2.png
    4. At the main lobby screen, press “PLAY!” to officially launch the game.
    5. Using the queue system match chat, let your opponents know they can join your game.

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