General FAQ

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How many tournaments are there during the year? 

The NJCAAE offers tournaments in 12 different titles per semester, running tournaments in the fall and spring semesters. 


What is the tournament structure? 

Tournaments are generally 9 weeks in length, with the top teams advancing to the playoffs.


What are the rules for NJCAAE competition & each game? 

You may find the General Competition Rules and Game Rules here


Can students play multiple games? 

As an ongoing effort to provide opportunities while eliminating a variety of barriers to competition, students can compete under as many titles as desired. There may be scheduling conflicts to work around. As stated in the NJCAAE Bylaws, “Student-athletes may participate in multiple games sanctioned by the NJCAAE during the same academic term.”


What is a game connection?

Adding your game connection is the process of adding your gamer tag to your profile. A game connection is required to be eligible for placement on a roster. Additionally, having your “in-game name” makes it easier to contact and invite opponents to game lobbies and ensures that the players in-game match the players on the team roster. 


How do we contact our opponent?

On the match page, the contact information for the Team Admin will be displayed above the roster of the opposing team. The contact information will show their Discord and email address. Additionally, the match page will feature a function called Match Chat, which can also be utilized to contact your opponent.


How long do the tournaments last?

Tournaments are generally 9 weeks of regular season play, followed by 1-2 weeks of playoffs.


I missed a match. Is there anything I can do to make up the match?

No, there are no “makeup” windows provided. Teams are expected to be ready to play each week.


What games can I play?

Please see the NJCAAE PAGE for the current game offerings. 


Can I have an additional advisor join my school account?

Yes, you can invite the additional advisor to join your team through the members’ page on your dashboard. Once they show on your members’ list then you can mark them as a team captain. This will give the additional advisor the same administrative abilities as the existing team advisor. The only limitation is that they will not be able to purchase passes for the entire team.


How many teams will make the playoffs?

The number of rosters that make the playoffs is all dependent on the total registration numbers for that particular tournament.