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Signing Up

Apply to the NJCAAE Community/Team Creation

  • Click “Communities” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Click the “+” on the NJCAAE community.
  • Select “+ Create Team” from the dropdown.
  • Use your school’s name when naming your team.

Adding Team Members

  • Click “Members” on your team page.
  • Click “+ Add Member” to be able to generate a team invitation.
  • Members will be added once they sign up through your invitation link.

Adding Game Connections (players only)

  • Click “Game Connection” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Click “Add Game Connection”, select the game & enter your screen name for that game, & save.
  • A Discord game connection is required for every team member.
  • Include the numbers in the Battlenet tag & Switch Friend Code if applicable.

Creating Rosters

  • Click “Rosters” on your team page.
  • Click “Create New”, name your roster, & select what game it is for.
  • Click “Add Members” & select what team members you want on the roster.

Purchasing & Assigning Passes

  • Contact john@generationesports.com to request passes.
  • You will be invoiced and have passes assigned to your team. 
  • On your team’s page, select Battle Pass Inventory.
  • To assign your members battle passes, click the “Assign” button next to their name. You can also revoke an assigned pass by clicking “Revoke”.
  • All members on a roster must have a “Battle Pass” assigned to them in order to be registered for a tournament.

Register for a Tournament. 

  • Select "Communities" from the left-hand navigation menu, then select “Learn More” on the NJCAAE community.
  • Click on the Tournaments tab. 
  • Select the tournament you want to register for & click “Register Now”.
  • Select the roster you wish to register & click “Register Now”.


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