Registration FAQ

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How do I sign up? 

You can follow this Registration Guide to walk you through the entire process of signing up through registration.


How many students can I add to my roster?

You may have up to twice the number of starting players required to play a game on your roster for team games. For solo games, you are permitted to put all solo players for one title on the same roster and enroll that roster into the tournament. 


What is the difference between a team and a roster?

A team encompasses all of your members and a roster is the list of players playing a specific game.


Is there a maximum/minimum number of students that I need on my team?

There is no minimum or maximum number of students needed to form a team representing your school.


How many rosters can I have for one game?

You may have as many rosters for one game as long as a student is not on multiple rosters for the same game. 


Do we have to schedule our matches?

No, all tournaments have a default playtime each week, as determined by the NJCAAE. A link to the competition schedule can be found in the current tournament overview here.