HSEL & MSEL Student Engagement Survey

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Below you will find suggestions for an initial student survey. We suggest using a service like Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, or something similar to survey as many students as possible. 


Basic Information:


School Email:

Would you be interested in joining an esports club at our school?


Would you want to play for our school's esports team?


What games are you interested in? (select all that apply)
Educators, only list the games your club will support! If you aren’t sure yet, use the whole list.

High School options (Fall 2021): Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Minecraft: Survival Games, NBA 2K21, NBA 2K22, Madden 22, 10 Minute Chess, Overwatch, Rainbow 6: Siege, Rocket League, and Valorant.

Middle School (Fall 2021): 10 Minute Chess, Knockout City, Minecraft: Survival Games, Pokemon Unite, and Rocket League.

Which of these games do you own?

Same list as above

What hardware do you own? (select all that apply)

PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch

If you own a console, do you own an online pass? (Nintendo Online, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live)


What tournaments would you like to play in? (select all that apply)

Fall Major: September through November

Spring Major: February through April

Summer Challenge (High School only): June

What days are you available to play for about 1 hour? (select all that apply)

Monday through Sunday

What times are you available to play?

(We recommend converting all of these to your local time zone) 4 pm ET, 4 pm CT, 4 pm PT 

We anticipate club/league dues to be about $____ per year or per season. Would this cost be an issue for your family? (This question will be different for each school!) 

Yes/No/Not Sure

Are you interested in applying for a leadership position within the club? 


Are there any other ways you're interested in assisting the club? (E.g. Streamer, statistician, video content producer, graphic designer, social media, discord, etc. )

-Free Response-

How seriously would you like to compete on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is causally and 5 is most seriously? 

1     2     3     4     5

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