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Triton Cup Valorant Rules

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1. Anti-Cheat

No additional anti-cheat is required for official matches.


2. Match Procedure

Supported platforms

  • PC

2.1 Series Lengths

Matches are played as a best of 3 series.

2.2 Game Settings

The home team will host the lobby and invite the away team.

  • Lobby: Custom (closed)
  • Mode: Standard
  • Allow Cheats: Off
  • Tournament Mode: On
  • Overtime Win by Two: On
  • The away team will choose which team starts of as attack and defense

In the event that an incorrect rule set is loaded on the server, the match should be stopped and reset. Previously played rounds with incorrect format will not count towards the match outcome.

2.3. Server Selection

The following server regions are available for use in official matches:

  • US CENTRAL (Texas)
  • US CENTRAL (Georgia)
  • US CENTRAL (Illinois)

If both teams are in the same region they may elect to play on a server in their region. Otherwise a central server must be used for official matches. 

2.3.1. Server Veto

If the teams are unable to come to an agreement on the server to play on, the following server veto will be used.

  • The home team bans one central server
  • The away team bans one central server
  • The remaining central server will be used for the match

2.4 Map Selection

  • The home team bans a map
  • The away team bans a map
  • The home team chooses a map to play from the remaining list


2.4.1 Multiple Game Series Map Selection

After the first game, the following map selection process will be used.

  • The winner of the previous game bans a map
  • The loser of the previous game chooses a map to play from the remaining list
    • The map of the previously played game may not be chosen for the next round
    • Maps banned for the previous game are able to be selected/banned in the next round

2.5 Map Pool

The following maps are permitted to be used in official matches

  • Haven
  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Split


3.0. Tournament Rules

 3.1. Game Connections

All players taking part in Generation Esports tournaments are required to have an active game account for the tournament they’re participating in connected to their Generations Esports account. All game connection information shown on a team’s roster must match with the accounts in game. Players using different accounts or those not officially on the roster are prohibited from playing in matches. Only one account connection is allowed per game, the use of alternate accounts is prohibited. All account connections are prohibited from being changed after the team has participated in its first match of a tournament’s regular season.

If a player’s name does not match what is shown on their roster, please reach out to a Generation Esports Administrator in the tc-valorant discord channel for assistance while the game is still being played. Name discrepancy reports will not be accepted after a match has been completed. 

3.1.1. Account Ownership

Game accounts used in official tournaments must belong to the student participating using that game connection. At no point in time may players share accounts with each other or use an account of another person, regardless of if they are in the tournament or not.

3.2. Match Streaming

3.2.1. Spectators

Spectators a prohibited from being in match lobbies of official matches.

3.2.2. Player Streaming

Players may stream to their personal twitch or youtube channel if they are participating in the match. The match may only be streamed from the player’s in-game point of view and should have at least a 3 minute delay set to prevent possible incidents of stream sniping.

Players may not at any time stream another player or roster’s match on their personal channel.


4. Restrictions

Any Agents, Weapons, Sprays, Weapon Skins, Weapon Buddies, and Maps currently disabled in other game modes are prohibited from use in official matches.

4.1. Blood

Blood must be disabled in the game settings

4.2. New Agents

New Agents will be prohibited from play until two weeks after their initial release.

4.3. New Maps

New Maps will be prohibited from play until two weeks after their initial release.

4.4. Coach Spectator Spot

Teams are prohibited from having a spectator in the coach's slot on their team.

4.5 Round Rollback

Use of the Round Rollback feature is prohibited unless otherwise okayed by an Generation Esports Administrator. Spectators or Moderators are prohibited from using the Round Rollback feature in official matches.


5. Stoppage of Play

The game may only be paused for the following reasons:

  • Player drop
  • Player disconnect
  • Technical issues

Stoppage of play may be requested at any time for the above reasons. The team initiating a pause must first call the pause in chat. A pause may not be called during combat, or once the Spike has been planted. Player's may not move around the map when a pause is in effect. Once both teams are ready, the team who paused the match will unpause it. Each team will have 5 total minutes of pause time per map. Players pause the game by pressing the Esc key and selecting "cheats" Abuse of the pause feature may result in punishment for the team abusing it.


6. Team Rosters

Valorant  team rosters require a minimum of 5 players and are limited to a maximum of 10 players (5 starting players and 5 substitute players). Rosters that do not meet the minimum or exceed the maximum number of players will not be allowed to participate in official matches until their roster size meets the set requirements. Player Substitutions may be made between maps.

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