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Team Page

  • Info: Basic team information (i.e.) name, admin contact, logo, community, etc. 
  • Members: Add new team members, edit team members, see usernames and game connections of current members.
  • Rosters: View all created rosters, create a new roster, edit existing rosters. 
  • Battle Pass Inventory: Assigning/Revoking battle passes.



Additional Advisors

  • To add an additional advisor/coach send them the team invite link via “Invite Members”
  • Have them choose the “Individual” (GenE) or “Student” (HSEL/MSEL only) option when signing up. 
  • Once they are on your team and displayed in your Members list, click the three dots next to their name and select “Make Captain”. 
  • This will grant the user admin privileges (i.e.) managing/registering rosters, purchasing passes, etc.


  • Users must have their game connection set for a specific game in order to be played on a roster for that game.
  • Users cannot be on multiple rosters for the same game.
    • Exception: they are registered for two tournaments on different platforms (i.e) Rainbow 6 Siege on Playstation AND on PC.
  • Rosters must have the minimum required number of players in order to utilize the queue system on match days (i.e.) needing at least 3 players from a Rocket League (3v3) roster in the party in order to join the queue.
  • Roster substitutes are allowed.
    • You can have double the amount of players the game requires minus one.
    • (i.e) Rocket League requires 3 players, so you can have a roster of 5 (3 mains, 2 subs).
    • Rosters will “lock” 1 week’s time before playoff competition. 
  • A roster with one player on it, for a game requiring more than one player, can be registered. Other members can be added afterward by editing the roster. 
  • Users competing in single-player games (i.e.) Smash Bros. Ultimate, Madden, etc. can be placed on a “master roster” for that game, as long as it is the same platform. For example: 
    • All 10 Smash Ultimate users can be placed on a single roster. 
    • 6 Playstation users on a “PS Madden” roster. 
    • 5 Xbox users on an “Xbox Madden” roster.
  • If you only have 1 player playing a single-player game, they do not need to be placed on a roster.
    • You can register them as an individual from the game's tournament page.
  • While it is not absolutely necessary for a user competing in 1v1 games to be placed on a roster, making the previously mentioned “master rosters” has organizational benefits for the admin. 
  • Deleting a registered roster will unregister that roster from a tournament. 
  • Deleting a roster will not delete any users on the roster. 

Queue System

  • When queuing for team-based games, the first person to “Join Party” will be the party leader, designated in the party window with a joycon next to their username. 
  •  If the party leader leaves the party, all team members will be removed from the party window. 
    • Simply have each team member click “Join Party” on their dashboard to rejoin the party.
  •  In the rare case a team is not matched with an opponent, they will be attributed a “bye win” and placed into a “priority queue” for their next match.


  • The various groups/leagues operating on the Generation Esports platform. 
  • Applying to a community involves creating a team. 
  • 1 team per community per user.


  • Users/Team must be a member of the tournament’s community to register. 
  • If all individuals are in a community but the team is not, those individuals are still eligible to register for that community’s competitions. 

Purchasing Passes

  • Passes need to be assigned to a user before being able to register for any tournament unless: 
    • HSEL/MSEL users are playing Rocket League, Madden, NBA 2K, or Chess. 
    • The tournament has specified competition being free of charge. 

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