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Individual Users

  • When a user joins your team, their name will populate in the “Members” tab on your Team page.
  • Here’s what you can see/do with each user on your team from the “Members” tab: 


  • Any existing rosters will appear in the “Rosters” tab on your Team page. 
  • For users to be placed on a roster, they must first have the relevant game connection. 
  • Users cannot be on multiple rosters for the same game.
  • Rosters must have the minimum required number of players before being registered (i.e.) needing at least 3 players on the roster for a 3v3 Rocket League tournament. 
  • Users competing in 1v1 titles (i.e.) Smash Bros. Ultimate, Madden, etc. can be placed on a “master roster” for that game, as long as it is the same platform. For example: 
    • All 10 Smash Ultimate users can be placed on a single roster. 
    • 6 Playstation users on a “PS Madden” roster. 
    • 5 Xbox users on an “Xbox Madden” roster. 
  • While it is not absolutely necessary for a user competing in 1v1 games to be placed on a roster, making the previously mentioned “master rosters” is great for user organization. 
  • Deleting a registered roster will unregister that roster from a tournament. 
  • Deleting a roster will not delete any users on the roster. 

Additional Advisors

  • If a team admin needs additional assistance, they can use the “Make Captain” function. 
  • Send the team invite link to whoever is joining as an advisor/coach/etc. 
  • Have them choose the “Individual” or “Student” (HSEL & MSEL) option. 
  • Once they are on your team and displayed in your list of members, select the three dots next to their name and select “Make Captain”. 
  • This will give the user admin privileges (i.e.) creating/registering rosters, purchasing passes, etc.


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