Minecraft: Connecting to the Server

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Queuing for Your Match and Obtaining the Server IP

From your dashboard select “Join Queue” shown with your listed Minecraft match for the week. Once the timer reaches zero, all queued players will be taken to a match page where a specific Server IP will be shared. Keep in mind that only players who have queued up will be on the specific server’s whitelist for the match, those who did not queue up will be unable to participate.

Connecting to the Server

To connect to the Server IP provided on your match page, follow these step

      • Launch Minecraft and select Multiplayer from the Main Menu
      • Select Direct Connect
      • Enter the Server IP and Press Join Server
      • The match will begin 5 minutes after the minimum number of players join the server

If this is your first time on the server a popup will appear instructing you to download a resource pack used by the server. The resource pack is required in order to participate in the Minecraft tournament. Choosing no to the download will remove you from the server.



If you receive an error about how you are not whitelisted, please try the following:

  • Go back to your game connections tab on your dashboard to make sure it's listed exactly as it appears on your Minecraft profile. Please make changes if necessary.
  • If it is correct, please then try deleting and re-adding your Minecraft game connection and finish the process by clicking the button that says Link Mojang Account. (Note: Make sure you delete it and re-add, not edit, or this step will not work!)
  • If neither of those suggestions works, remember that you must be playing on Java version 1.8.x to join the server. Using 3rd party clients other than Optifine will also cause connection issues to our servers as well.


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