Minecraft: Connecting to the Server

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Queuing for Your Match and Obtaining the Server IP

Use the Queue System on the dashboard to join the queue for your match. Once the timer reaches zero, all queued players will be taken to a match page, where a specific server IP will be shared for the match momentarily. For privacy reasons, only players listed on the match page will be on the specific server’s "whitelist" for the match, meaning any players not on the match page will not be able to join the server. Additionally, this means that players' Minecraft in-game names must match their provided Game Connection exactly for them to join the match.


Connecting to the Server

To connect to the server IP provided on the match page, follow these steps:

      • Launch Minecraft and select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu
      • Select "Direct Connect"
      • Enter the server IP and press "Join Server"
      • The match will begin 5 minutes after the minimum number of players join the server

If this is your first time on the server, a popup will appear instructing you to download a resource pack used by the server. The resource pack is required in order to participate in the Minecraft tournament. Declining the download will remove you from the server.



Receiving a whitelisting error will prevent you from playing in the match. If you receive an error stating you are not whitelisted, please try the following:

  • Go back to your Game Connections to make sure your in-game name is listed exactly as it appears on your Minecraft profile. Make changes if necessary.
  • If it is correct, please then try deleting and re-adding your Minecraft game connection and finish the process by clicking the button that says "Validate Minecraft Username".
  • Next, contact our support team using the "Help" bubble at the bottom right of the page. Our team can release you from the match so you can utilize another queue opportunity at a later time.

Remember that you must be playing on any Java version "1.8.x" (e.g. 1.8.1, 1.8.2, etc.) to join the server. Using 3rd party clients other than Optifine will also cause connection issues to our servers as well.


Troubleshooting Video Guide