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This article explains how to sign up for a free account on the Generation Esports platform in order to register for High School Esports League competitions. Please visit our TECH HELP section for assistance with whitelisting, PC minimum/recommended specs, and more. 

Signing Up

  • Sign up for a free Generation Esports account as a School Official (Educators) or Student (13+).
    • You will be guided through the team creation process to join the HSEL Community. 
    • If you have already created your team, log in and skip to the "Adding Team Members" section of this guide.
  • New accounts will be prompted to set at least one game connection.
    • Educators are welcome to skip this step by clicking "Skip all" in the bottom right of the window. 
    • If you are an educator taking over an existing HSEL team, please reach out to success@highschoolesportsleague.com for assistance. 

Adding Team Members 

  • Expand "Teams" in the left-hand sidebar. Select your team.
  • Click “Members” on your team page.
  • Click “+ Add Member” and generate a link for team invitations.
  • Members will be automatically added once they sign up through the link.
    • New members will be prompted to set at least one game connection from a set of game icons. 
    • Select the proper game and enter the proper "in-game name" (Screen Name). 

Adding Game Connections (Post Sign-up)

"Game Connection" is a catch-all term for "screen name", "gamertag", "in-game name", etc. Students must provide a game connection for each game they wish to play. 

  • Click “Game Connection” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Click “Add Game Connection”, select the game, enter your screen name for that game, and save.
  • If applicable, include the numbers in the game connection as well (e.g. Battlenet, Riot, or Nintendo Switch Friend Code).

Creating Rosters 

Rosters are the specific groups of students that will play games. Students must be placed on a roster to compete in a team-based game.

  • Click “Rosters” on your team page.
  • Click “Create New”, name your roster, and select what game it is for.
  • Click “Add Members” and select what team members you want on the roster.

Purchasing Passes (Your Team)

  • Choose this option if you are an admin acquiring passes for other team members.
  • Click “Purchase Passes” on the left-hand menu, then "Purchase" on the respective pass. 
  • Select the team you are purchasing passes for from the dropdown menu and press continue.
  • Choose which members need a pass and press continue.
  • Select your payment method for the purchase.
  • To pay by invoice, email sales@highschoolesportsleague.com & provide them with what type of pass and how many you wish to purchase.

Assigning Battle Passes

  • On your team’s page, select Battle Pass Inventory.
  • To assign your members battle passes, click the “Assign” button next to their name. 
  • Revoke an assigned pass by clicking “Revoke”.
  • All members on a roster must be assigned a pass to be registered for a tournament.
  • Certain titles are exceptions to the above rule. Please reach out to success@highschoolesportsleague.com if you have questions. 

Registering for a Tournament 

  • Click "Tournaments" in the left-hand navigation menu. 
  • Select "Discover" at the top of the page.
  • Search for "HSEL" in the search bar. Alternatively, check the "Joined Communities" box below.
  • Select the tournament you want to register for and click “Register Now”.
  • Select the roster you wish to register and click “Register Now”.

If you need further registration assistance, please schedule a call with your regional success agent here.


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