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This article explains how to sign up for a Middle School Esports League account in order to register for MSEL competitions. Please visit our TECH HELP section for assistance with whitelisting, PC minimum/recommended specs, and more. 

Signing Up

  • Sign up for a free account on the MSEL website.
  • An educator (school official) must be the one to sign up their school.
  • If you are an educator taking over an existing MSEL team, click here for assistance. 

Adding Team Members 

  • Your regional success agent will generate user accounts that can be assigned to students. 
  • If you are unaware of who your success agent is, reach out to
  • Provide a # of accounts needed for your students. 
  • You will receive a spreadsheet containing a list of generic usernames and login information that can be assigned to your students.
    • This will be what they use to gain access to the MSEL platform. 
  • Please do not edit any of the data on GenE to contain the personal information of students.

Adding Game Connections 

  • Click “Game Connection” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Click “Add Game Connection”, select the game, enter your screen name for that game, and save.
  • Include the numbers in the Battlenet tag and Switch Friend Code if applicable.

Creating Rosters 

  • Click “Rosters” on your team page.
  • Click “Create New”, name your roster, and select what game it is for.
  • Click “Add Members” and select what team members you want on the roster.
  • Video Tutorial

Purchasing Passes (Your Team)

  • Choose this option if you are an admin acquiring passes for other team members.
  • If you are looking to pay by invoice, email & provide them with what type of pass and how many you wish to purchase. Otherwise: 
  • Click “Purchase Passes” on the left-hand menu, then "Purchase" on the respective pass. 
  • Select the team you are purchasing passes for from the dropdown menu and press continue.
  • Choose which members need a pass and press continue.
  • Select your payment method for the purchase.
  • To pay by invoice, email & provide them with what type of pass and how many you wish to purchase.
  • Video Tutorial

Assigning Battle Passes

  • On your team’s page, select Battle Pass Inventory.
  • To assign your members battle passes, click the “Assign” button next to their name. 
  • Revoke an assigned pass by clicking “Revoke”.
  • All members on a roster must be assigned a pass to be registered for a tournament.
  • The following titles are exceptions to the above rule:
    • Rocket League
    • 10-Minute Chess
  • Video Tutorial

Registering for a Tournament 

  • Click "Communities" from the left-hand navigation menu. 
  • Choose "Learn More" on the MSEL community and click the "Tournaments" tab. 
  • Select the tournament you want to register for and click “Register Now”.
  • Select the roster you wish to register and click “Register Now”.
  • Video Tutorial

If you need further registration assistance, please schedule a call with your regional success agent here.


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