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Developer: Hi-Rez Studios

Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios

Platform: Playstation, Xbox, Switch, PC, Mac OS

Genre: 3rd Person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Release Date: March 2014

Price: Free-to-play


  • A competitive game of SMITE features two teams of 5 players choosing from a large selection of playable gods, immortals, and creatures from ancient mythology in arena combat.
  • The game features full cross-platform compatibility (players on different platforms can party up together) as well as cross-save (transfer player save data across multiple platforms).
  • There are several different game modes in SMITE. Each mode has its own unique map with its own play style, rules, and objectives. Common among each mode is the existence of: 
    • Minions - AI units that aid players in battle.
    • Structures - towers that attempt to prevent enemies from advancing. 
  • The main competitive game mode is “Conquest”, a typical MOBA mode with two bases at opposite sides of the map connected by three lanes. Each lane is protected by various defensive structures that players must destroy. 
  • The objective of Conquest is to assault the enemy defenses and destroy the final structure (called a ”Titan”) at the center of their base while preventing the enemy from destroying theirs. The first team to destroy the enemy Titan wins.


  • Gods (playable characters) are sorted into 5 different class types: 
    • Hunters - ranged fighters
    • Guardians - support/frontline tanks
    • Mages - magical ranged ability users
    • Warriors - close range melee bruisers
    • Assassins - mobile attackers
  • Gods are also separated by the type of power utilized: 
    • Physical - Hunters, Warriors, & Assassins
    • Magical - Guardians & Mages
  •  All Gods contain a mixture of the following abilities: 
    • Basic Attacks
    • Abilities (special to each character) 
    • Healing
    • Protections & Mitigation
    • Penetration & Reduction
  • Certain class archetypes will be better suited to a specific 1 of the 3 lanes (i.e.) top lane, middle lane, and bottom lane. 


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