Pokemon Unite Game Overview

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Developer: TiMi Studio Group, Tencent

Publisher: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

Platform: Switch, Android & iOS Mobile Devices

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Crossplay: Yes

Price: Free-to-play


Pokemon Unite 101

  • Pokemon Unite is a 5v5 MOBA, full of different playable Pokemon, each with their own unique abilities, mechanics, etc. Each team can only have one of each Pokemon active at any given time. 
  • Building off the success of other MOBA titles (i.e.) League of Legends and Dota 2, Unite’s main draw is the Pokemon brand and overall accessibility to gamers unfamiliar with the genre.   
  • Competitive games are referred to as “Unite Battles” & contain the following objectives:
    • Defeat wild and player-controlled pokemon to gain “Aeos Energy”.
    • Bank Aeos Energy at an opponent’s “Goal Zone” (small bases along a lane).
    • Prevent opponents from gaining/banking Aeos Energy. 
  • Games are no longer than 10 minutes, with the team that has banked the most Aeos Energy emerging as the victor. 


  • Each Pokemon has unique abilities and characteristics suited for various situations.
  • Playable Pokemon are separated into five distinct categories: 
    • Attacker - Deals high damage w/ weak defense.
    • Defender - High defense, enforcer-type on the frontlines.
    • Support - Deals out buffs & healing to allies, de-buffs to opponents. 
    • Speedster - Best mobility with good damage but low support capabilities. 
    • All-Rounder - Even levels of attack, defense, and support. 
  • Along with a basic attack, each Pokemon comes with multiple abilities. These are defined in three ways: 
    • Active - Unique abilities that must be activated and require a cool down before using again.
      • Active abilities can be upgraded during the course of a game by banking Aeos Energy or defeating Pokemon (both wild & player-controlled).
    • Passive - Perks that do not need to be activated and are equipped during the pre-game stage.
      • Pokemon can hold up to 3 passives which can be upgraded by using tickets earned during a game. 
    • Ultimate - Referred to as a “Unite Ability”, these are the most powerful moves a player has and require a lengthy charge-up time. 
  • When used appropriately, any Pokemon’s Unite Ability can alter the course of a match in their team’s favor. 


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