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This article explains how to sign up for a Generation Esports account in order to register for Esports Educators' Community tournaments. 


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Sign Up and Create A New Educator Team

  • New educators: sign up for a free account on Generation Esports.
  • Returning educators: create your Educator Community Team. Select "Educator Team" when prompted.
  • You will need to submit some verification of your status as an educator in order for your team to be approved in the community. Options include: 
    • Staff ID | Faculty Directory (photo or screenshot) | Screenshot of an approved HSEL/MSEL team
    • If none of these work for you, please contact us using the emails above!
  • Community Team applications are reviewed and approved daily.

Adding Game Connections 

  • Click “Game Connection” on the left-hand navigation.
  • Click “Add Game Connection”, select Rocket League, enter your screen name, and save.

Adding Team Members 

  • Click “Members” on your team page.
  • Click “+ Add Member” and generate a link for team invitations.
  • Members will be added once they click (or sign up through) the link.

Creating Rosters 

  • Click “Rosters” on your team page.
  • Click “Create New”, name your roster, and select what game it is for.
  • Click “Add Members” and select what team members you want on the roster.
    • If a member does not appear, check to ensure that they have added an appropriate game connection.

Registering for a Tournament 

  • Click here to be taken to the tournament page
  • Click “Register Now”.
  • Choose the appropriate roster and click “Register Now”.


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